Humiliation of an ex-Nazi submissive 123: Raylene says sorry 4

It had puzzled me that Dorabella approved of my squeezing Lynette’s ass. From her point of view I should be paying attention to her. Or to her sister, considering that I was Raylene’s lover and she was naked over her own desk, waiting for the next cane stroke to fall.

But Lynette had been chasing her ass for days, at least, and Dorabella didn’t do girls. So she was relieved that Raylene and I were keeping Lynette occupied. Raylene, meanwhile, knew that the better I entertained Lynette, the more likely Lynette was to come to her bedroom that night and join us. And if Lynette was sexually open to me as well as her, then Raylene would have a better time.

But I let go of Lynette’s ass reluctantly, and held up the phone I’d been smacking her with. She’d tucked the cane awkwardly under her left arm, perhaps because she’d noted how ungainly Dorabella’s strategy of holding it between her thighs had made her. So she had her right hand free, and she took the phone. I said, “Can you take over as camerawoman? Dorabella’s got her hands full, now.”

Now you see it...

Now you see it…

Dorabella looked at me, exasperated, and poked her tongue out. I was still speaking to Lynette. “That’d be the Dorabella who wants a spanking.” The tongue disappeared.

I’d meant to stir up more unconvincing defiance from Dorabella, with that remark. Her sudden compliance was a surprise. I expected it would set some of the agenda for Dorabella and me, when we were together tomorrow. A conversation-starter, at least.

Lynette was facing me, so she hadn’t seen the appearance and sudden withdrawal of Dorabella’s sweetly pink tongue. She kissed me again, then leaned back to study my face, as if it were a strange new plant, or insect. “You just think everybody wants a spanking.” She whispered that. We were still conspirators.

I didn’t whisper. “No. It’s a little bit evidence-based. For example I’m not sure that you do. I don’t have any data from you, either way. But statistically the odds are that you don’t.”


Not quite safe emotional ground, for Lynette. But she wasn't going to stop watching.

Not quite safe emotional ground, for Lynette. But she wasn’t going to blink, while Raylene was getting the cane 

“Though you like watching. When the girl’s gorgeous enough.” That, to my amazement, made her blush. She was embarrassed by her reaction to Raylene, or at least to Raylene being caned. That, in turn, gave me a moment of shame. I’d seen Lynette as super-humanly self-possessed. I hadn’t expected her to be feeling out of her depth, and so I hadn’t seen it.

I moved us to safer ground. “And the girl is gorgeous. Unbelievably.” 

“Oh yeah.” She sounded enthusiastic, and happier again.

“And she thinks you’re gorgeous. Raylene? You can speak.” 

More familiar ground. Very emotionally safe.

More familiar ground. Very emotionally safe. (As modelled by Catherine Cornelius and Una Persson.)

“Thank you, master. Lynette, the girl thinks you’re hot as fuck. And gorgeous.”

“Good girl.” I looked at Lynette. She was smiling, back on territory she knew. “And that ass is definitely worth watching. Under any circumstances.”

I picked up the lighter cane again. “Got the camera ready?” 

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