Deedle-eedle eet: two ladies. In a truck.

There are things I can’t explain. Partly because I don’t understand them, and partly because I shouldn’t say much until I do know what’s going on. 

But we’re in a truck, Lican and I. And Angelica. We crossed the Strait of Magellan (I love typing that name; it’s such a legendary place) to Punta Arenas, where I bought a truck. Lican and Angelica wanted to go to Rio Gallegos, a small city in the south of Argentina. It’s a secondary road, from Arenas to Gallegos, and the procedure at the border crossing is relatively casual. I have an idea that this is important, because Angelica said it so very casually. But I’ve checked the truck, and I don’t think we’re smuggling anything. Not even sea-lion cocks.

After we’d passed the crossing it was evening, and we pulled up off the road near a creek. Angelica got out to do “stuff” discretely (ablutions, organising food, exercise, and so on) to give Lican and me time to fuck if we wanted. Usually we did want.

I bent Lican over the bed and stroked her cunt, occasionally giving her light to medium hard smacks because she reacted well to those. After a while Lican got up onto her hands and knees, so I stood up and slipped into her, the slow slippery way, two steps forward and one step back, all the way in. When I was buried, I let my thighs and stomach press against her ass, held her hips hard with my fingers like an eagle’s claws, and fucked her hard. Angelica at some stage came back in under the canopy because it was dark in the truck, and then ducked back out when she realised we were fucking, but Lican called her in.

Angelica looked dubious, and there was a long and earnest conversation between her and Lican that I didn’t understand at all. I just stayed hard inside Lican, and fucked her very slowly. And then Angelica climbed up onto the bed, fully clothed, and knelt beside Lican.

I pushed Angelica’s skirt up over her waist so her thighs and ass were practically bare, while I was in Lican. Angelica sighed, and Lican reached over and held her hand. I tugged Angelica’s knickers aside and stroked her cunt. She was already wet. When I slipped my fingers in she was mango. I kept slowly fucking Lican.

But I pulled out, bent and kissed Lican’s cunt, with a slow lick to show that I thought very highly of her, and then nosed my cock between Angelica’s buttocks. Lican tightened her grip on Angelica’s hand, so I smacked her hard, and then smacked Angelica very softly. There was no disciplinary reason. It just felt good. Angelica learned what it feels like to be smacked. Apparently it felt good. She wriggled, so I spanked her again, but no harder.  

I didn’t have time to pull Angleica’s little white knickers down. There’d be a lot of shuffling while we got them under her knees, down to her ankles and off, so I just pulled them aside, exposing her deliciously aroused, pursed, slightly prune-coloured cunt. I just pushed into her, since I felt like being emphatic, in one long stroke. 

So we fucked, Angelica and I. She’s a little fleshier than Lican, and perhaps she wriggled a little more. She’d waited longer for this fuck. I managed not to come when Angelica came, so I withdrew once she’d calmed and settled, and gave her cunt a farewell kiss before I pushed back into Lican. Lican came very quickly. She’d enjoyed taking part in Angelica’s pleasure.   

Mostly, till then, we’d kept the truck moving, with one of us driving and the other two sleeping or, in Lican’s and my case, fucking. But we stayed the night there, fucking, licking and stroking, and sometimes sleeping in a heap. 

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