Angelica’s visit

Angelica asked me lots of questions about sea-lions, but when we’d done that business she was more interested in Lican. She’d heard from Lican that I’d fucked her, and that I was a bad man. A bad man in the good, non-police sense.  

But she stayed for about three hours, crossing her legs from time to time, so that I could do a leisurely inspection of the underside of each thigh in turn. 

I guess this was to distract me while she asked me about the Rollit. And the severed penises of murdered sea-lions. I told her that I was horrified by killing any endangered species, especially for something as stupid as magical aphrodisiacs. But I hadn’t known it was happening until after we’d left the Chinese base, by which time there wasn’t much I could do. She seemed to believe me, but you never know. I wasn’t acting, but she might have been.

And occasionally she talked about fucking, and asked me questions like whether Lican sweated a lot while she fucked. I pretended to be a gentleman, and said she’d have to ask Lican. So she told me that Lican had told her that I spanked her. That surprised me, but I suppose it shouldn’t. They were friends in a town with 5,000 people; there wasn’t that much to talk about.

Then Angelia  said that Lican is a brown girl, like Angelica, so when I smacked her, did it show on her skin? That was too silly. She had to be winding me up. So I said that I wouldn’t talk about Lican but that if I smacked a girl like you, Angelica, it’d make the most beautiful glow. I thought it’d be perfectly pretty.

She liked that, though she’d wanted to hear more about Lican. There’s competition there, I guess. And boredom. Maybe a bit of girl-to-girl desire, but probably not.

I’d hoped her feelings included desire for me, or at least desire for a fuck, which might as well be provided by me as anybody. But although we’d spent hours talking about animal penises and then human fucking, she wriggled out of my farewell embrace. She stayed pressed against me for a while, and she showed her her teeth and eyes again. But once it was obvious that I was getting an erection and I didn’t really want her to go, she was gone. 

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