Governing the Gang irl 2: Stair Landing to Heaven 4

This is episode 4 of a series that evolved and expanded to become that very erotic and engrossing ebook, Governing the Gang Girl 2: Stair Landing to Heaven.

In this episode, Jack’s sense of command, and Charmayanne’s acceptance of submission, are already becoming deep.

He smacks her inner thigh and she parts her legs for him. Words aren’t necessary.


Unfortunately, I’ve had to remove the actual text, because this excellent and very sexy book is being submitted for sale through Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Apple Books, 24symbols, Angus and Robinson, tolino, Rakuten Kobo and Vivlio. Very soon there’ll be a page where you can choose your favoured book supplier. As soon as it’s up I’ll put the link here!

Governing the Gang Girl 2: Stair Landing to Heaven: what’s it about?

Troubled young Charmayanne Else is a former member of a neo-Nazi gang, who had come to her senses at least and left. She agrees to be interviewed by journalist  Jack Molay. They soon realize that despite their differences they’re attracted to each other. Soon after that they discover that Jack is a Dom and Charmayanne is submissive. And she has much to atone for.

They head for her bedroom, but stop on the stairs. Charmayanne begins her atonement, and their sexual games become steadily more intense. Until there is a sudden and surprising interruption…

A review:

“This is beautifully written erotica, incredibly hot, about people who feel like real, three-dimensional people. Some of the BDSM events are harsh, but the atmosphere is always loving. JJ Mortimer turns human details and erotic details into pure steamy sexiness. Reading it is like being there, on a wonderful sensual ride!” – Isadora Druse, reviewer.

Get your copy!

Charmayanne seems to be enjoying her transition into submission. But can she let herself surrender as deeply as she desires? To find out, get yourself a copy of Governing the Gang Girl 2: Stair Landing to Heaven!

A link will (soon) be here!

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