2015 and the love of a dominant for a submissive

2014 was perhaps the worst year of my life. My mother died, my father lost his senses, and I lost my slavegirl, the woman I loved. I wasn’t prepared for that stuff, and hadn’t guarded myself against how much it was going to hurt. As years go, 2014 sucked, for me (I hope you had a better time). I spent a lot of 2014 grieving.

To have and to hold. And to love.

To have and to hold. And to love.

It’s probably wrong to say so, since death, dementia and the loss of love are all weighty events, important in anyone’s life. A man should grieve. But I’m bored with it now. I’m bored with my sad self. I’m bored with grief.  

I know that love doesn’t happen because you look for it. I even know that love seems to hide when you’re looking, and it only comes to you when you’ve given up. I don’t know why this is, but it’s what life has taught me. 

But I’m ready to give my love to a submissive woman, and I know that I need the love of a submissive woman for her dominant.

This isn’t a personal ad, and I won’t be doing much about it, for various reasons. I’m not mystical, but I do believe that Lao Tzu was right about some things: there are things you cannot strive for. You can only make yourself ready for them if they come to you.

But love and lust is my wish for 2015.

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