Gem thinks about her cunt while waiting to be leathered Part 3

Jaime (stepping out of the shower and bringing Gem a towel): Yeah, the time. Well, darling girl. Beautiful girl. [They look at the clock. Only an hour to check-out time.] Oh, fuck it. Anyway, I’ll see you soon. You’ll see me.

Gem: In a different world, of course.

Jaime: [sighs] Yeah, it will be. Well, I’ll be sens – . Ah, I mean I won’t say anything. I won’t stare at you all the time. Well, not so much it’s a giveaway. But you’ll know. I’ll know.

Gem: Yes. I do know. [Long silence. They hold each other, and rock together. Jaime eventually breaks the moment by kissing her nose, then her ear.]

Jaime: We’ll always have the Hotel fucking Victoria.

Gem: I had a wonderful time. Thank you.

[She touches his cock, then grasps, stroking gently. Jaime realises he’s getting hard again, with no time to do anything about it.]

Jaime: O-Ahff! Careful.

[He puts his hand on Gem’s bottom, at the last second remembering not to smack. But he lets his hand stay where it landed.]

Gem [wriggling away]: No, you be careful. You’ve been good all week.

Jaime [who would put over his knee any submissive woman who presumed to tell him he was good, or bad; instead he pretends not to understand what Gem meant]: Thank you. But if I was good, you were fantastic. 

[His hand is still on Gem’s ass. He squeezes, to remind her he can hurt. Then he pats, very, very lightly. Gem looks at him, her expression unreadable.]

[To be continued] 

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