Gem thinks about her cunt while waiting to be leathered Part 17

Gem: This is so unfair. Please, Jaime.

[Jaime has his cock not quite in her, the head just holding her lips open, being wetly kissed. He refuses to enter further. It’s tormenting him, but he has the control. It is worse for Gem, of course.]

Jaime: Do as you’re told.

Gem: Tell them I’m over the bed with my ass up and a cock in me?

[It’s the sixth time she’s said some variant of “bent over”, and each version has been slightly more sexualised. Jaime had made a decision about that. Gem isn’t aware of that decision, but she knows something just changed. Maybe it’s that he’s just got harder. Anyway, she coughs to clear her throat.]

Gem: Um, sorry, hello, sorry! I’m, um, I’m being … fucked.

Jaime [smacking the side of her right buttock.] Louder!

Gem: CAN YOU COME BACK later? Sorry, but I’m [another, firmer, smack] BEING FUCKED. 

[To be continued]

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