Future posts

Posts planned for the next couple of weeks. 

1  Finishing off the thoughts about domming and shame;

2  A piece about the sexual overtones of corporal punishment in schools, and how it has linked with and led to child rape, and why those countries (eg the US) that haven’t banned it yet should get their shit together and ban it now;

3  The story of Eloise and Abelard, as bdsm love story; 

4  Because Eloise and Abelard is, genuinely and historically, a semi-consensual turned fully consensual schoolgirl spanking story, I’ll finish off the schoolgirl spanking story involving “Cindy”, just for the sake of writing something hot and uncomplicated. 

And that’ll hold us for a while. I thought I’d managed to drive my cold off, but it’s back with a vengeance, and I’m off to bed.

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