Burns of love #3

Traditionally, your pornographic tawsing goes something like this:

“After supper came those terrible two dozen with the tawse. the tawse is a Scottish instrument of punishment, made of a hard and seasoned piece of leather about two feet long, narrow in the handle and at the other end about four inches broad, cut into narrow strips from about six to nine inches in length.

Alice had never seen, much less felt one.

She was commanded to bring it to her uncle, and had to go for it naked – not even a fan was allowed! How could she conceal the least of her emotions? Oh, this nakedness was an awful, awful thing!

She brought it, and opened her book and knelt down and said:

“Please give me two dozen with the tawse for being ashamed and trying to cover my nakedness, and for my disobedience.”

“Across my knee.”

“Across – your – knee.”

“Very well! Get up. Stand sideways close up to me. Now,” taking the tawse in his right hand and putting his left arm round her waist, “lean right down, your head on the carpet, miss,” and holding her legs with his left leg, he slowly and deliberately laid on her sore bottom two dozen well-applied stripes. Then he let her go and she rolled sprawling on the carpet with pain and exhaustion.”

The first time I used a tawse, on a 21st century girl, it was quite a bit less efficient than that. Story for next time, I guess.

3 thoughts on “Burns of love #3

  1. The tawse has sort of fallen by the wayside since corporal punishment was abolished in schools. Well, in the Anglo-Saxon world at least. You see whips and canes and crops and such, here and there, in porn shops and leather shops and at your local stables… but the tawse? Not so much. I don’t think I know anyone who has one or even anyone who knows what it is.

    Good thing, too. They bloody hurt!

  2. You don’t know anyone who has one, but you know they bloody hurt?
    That sounds like an _educated_ guess.
    But if it is just a guess, you’re right. A tawse gets you from defiance to sorry in minimum time.
    A tawse is a bit like those belts we disciplinarians tend to wear, the wide kind, but it’s thicker and the leather is harder. (It’s harder than Chuck Norris, but not as thick. Side-issue.)

  3. When I was small the tawse was used on me in school. Memory serves me well.

    The tawse is a very thick piece of leather, a bit like a long thick heavier piece of older bacon, and split at the ends – why, or what or who came up with the idea of the split, I don’t know. But I think it adds the particularly nasty bite. The leather provides the slap and the thud.

    What on earth made you want one of those in particular when you have so many other instruments within reach?

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