Chloe’s game 8

“Hands on head.” She obeyed. I stepped forward. “Feet apart.” She shuffled on the spot. “Further.” She spread her legs as far as the panties at her thighs would allow.

Mr Mortimer said, “I’ve heard that there are very naughty girls who enjoy getting the strap. They need to be dealt with extra, I don’t know, um, firmly. Are you one of those very naughty girls, Miss Sendak?”

3fingersChloe shook her head, eyes wide. “Oh no, Mr Mortimer, sir.” I stood close, looking down into Chloe’s eyes, and reached under the skirt to touch her cunt. Chloe gasped, not entirely theatrically. I stroked gently, and she fell against me. My fingers entered her easily; of course she was one of those very naughty girls. She nestled her head into my armpit and sighed while I pleasured her.

Mr Mortimer said, three fingers deep in lusty girl, “I think, under the circumstances, Miss Sendak, that from now on I’ll call you Chloe.”

Chloe giggled. I hadn’t heard that sound before. “I’d like that, sir.” 

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