Burns of love #1

A dialogue:

“God, Jaime, I think you put my back out. Fo. I mean my bum’s on fire, and it even hurts to walk.”

“Well, if you don’t want to get yourself whipped and fucked, then stop calling me Master.”

“Yes, Master.”

[Smug pause.]

“Yeah, yeah, that’s cute. Master. But look at this.” [Shows really quite severe bruising on back of right thigh.]

Ah, carpet burns. Oddly, not usually caused by shag pile.

“Whoo. That is angry, isn’t it? Well, you’re a little warrior, darling, wounded in the cause of love. Let’s say. But you’ve got to wear marks of love proudly. Like carpet burns. Carpet burns are good, aren’t they?”

“Yes, Master.”

“Told you so.”

“Yowch! Master!”

“No, hold yourself still, girl. I think this is going to hurt.”

3 thoughts on “Burns of love #1

  1. Carpet burns should not be underestimated. They tend to sting and annoy long after the shagging on the not shaggy pile is done. They are unintentional warrior marks of a fucking good time, if you’ll excuse my language.

    I am enjoying following your blog and looking forward to seeing what you will come up with next.


    • Thank you for reading.

      Yes, but I get carpet burns too, when making the Beast With One Back. The slave gets the sore ass from being buggered, but if the carpet is hard then both the master and the slave are subject to burnt knees. You can lose skin off the tops of your feet, too. Or I can. So carpet is a great equaliser, really.

  2. Actually I’ve been known to do mouth-soaping and caning for bad language, in the right circumstances. Which is a bit hypocritical of me, but it seems to work. Well, it’s amusing, anyway.

    But you can say fuck on my blog. This is a low dive. And welcome to it!

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