Wicked Wednesday: Maddie’s virginity 4

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I was saying, “please,” please, Sir” but I didn’t know what I wanted. 

But there in that office, wearing only my shirt and panties, socks and shoes, I wanted something and I wanted it harder than I’d ever wanted anything in my life before. My body was glowing, especially my hands where he’d strapped them. My cunt, too, though he hadn’t touched me there. And yet the truth is that he had. 

He had his hands on my hips. For some reason I knew that something would happen, some great release, if he would just put his hands under my shirt, and under my panties… I wanted him to hold my bottom, touching my bare skin. I think, now, that if he had touched me there I’d have come.

But he left me yearning. He stepped back, and I felt so sad. I was stricken. He looked into my face for a long time. I know he recognised me then, and he knew what I wanted. He smiled.

“Put  your bra and shirt back on, Maddie.”

“Sir?” I must have sounded so disappointed. I stepped back and sucked in my tummy. It made my breasts look hard, and bigger. Like everything a man could want, I’d read.

“Bra and shirt on, girl. Do as you’re told.”

I said, “yes, sir.” A bit sullen. I got dressed again.

He smiled at me. “It’s not often I have to repeat an order for a girl to put her clothes back on. Not in this office.”

“I’m sorry, sir.”

“I suppose you are, Maddie. Now, you’re going to go back to class now.”


“And you’re going to tell your teacher that you got six strokes with the strap on your hands. Do you understand?”

“In… in class, sir?”

“In a loud clear voice. You were prepared to embarrass her in front of your class. Do you think you’re more special than she is?”

“No, sir. She’s my teacher.”

He grinned at me. “Is she? Anyway, you’ll tell her, loud and clear, that you’ve had the strap, Maddie. And that you have to leave again at twelve sharp, because you’re going to come straight back here to get a spanking over my knee. Instead of lunch, today.”

“Oh! Sir!”

“A bare-bottom spanking. Over my knee. Do you think you can say that?”

“‘The headmaster gave me the strap, miss, Six hard ones, on my hands And I need to leave at 12 sharp, because he’s going to spank my bare bottom. At lunchtime.”

“Good! Come closer, Maddie.”

I stepped back so we were touching, my breasts rubbing against him. It was through the bra and cotton shirt now, but we could feel it. This time I realised that his thing was hard. I guess it had been before, but I wasn’t thinking of him as a man, then. Now I was.

I sank into him. I wished he’d hold me properly, and when he reached under the shirt and held my hips and pulled in tight I thought I’d cry from the joy of it. Then I saw him smile. “But there’s one other thing.”

“Yes, sir?”

“You’ll have to be on time. I’m allowing you till 12.05 to get here. For your spanking.”

“Sir! I – Well, I’ll really have to run. To be on time.”

“Good girl. Because if you arrive after 12.05, you’ll get your spanking, but you’ll get an extra punishment too. You’ll have to come back after school. And you’ll get the paddle. On your bare bottom and thighs.”

“Oh my god. Sir.” I was terrified. And excited. And terrified of how excited I was. 

“Oh. And you’ll tell your teacher that. That if she keeps you even a minute, you’ll be late. And if you’re late for your spanking, you’ll still get the spanking, but you’ll have to come back here after school so I can paddle you.”

“Sir? But she -” But I stopped. I’d done my best to make my teacher look stupid. If she decided I was going to be late so that I got the paddle after school, I couldn’t really complain. “Yes sir, I understand.”

He smiled. And his hands held me lower, to squeeze my bottom through my skirt. It wasn’t my bare skin, but I nearly howled, I’d wanted that so much. Then he smacked me. “You know what you have to tell your teacher. And I’ll see you at 12.05, for your spanking. Don’t be late, Maddie.” 

I knew I was doomed. I was for the paddle before I went home, and that was that. “I’ll try, sir.”

He smiled again, and walked me to the door. “Don’t be too afraid, Maddie. I think you were made for this. Weren’t you?”

i didn’t understand him. “Sir?”

“I want an answer, Maddie. Were you made for this?”

“Yes, sir.” 

His and shot out and smacked my bottom, hard. My mouth fell open from the shock of it. It felt like he’d hit my cunt. “Try again.”

My heart beat so hard then. “Yes sir, I was made for this, sir.”


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6 thoughts on “Wicked Wednesday: Maddie’s virginity 4

  1. Ohhhh her longing for him to touch her more is so intense. I am wondering if after school he might gives her more if what she wants


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  3. i’m binge reading this series and it is so very good (that it’s Baaad!)
    I like the disciplining of the young girl best, and how the HM is gently leading her towards what he senses she wants and needs.

    A couple of times in this ep. you’ve typed shirt and I think you mean skirt.

    • No. As Minister for Continuity, I think she took off her skirt in the previous episode, and is now wearing a shirt, bra and occasionally panties.

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