Work is over, if you want it

Sorry for blog inaction. I’ve just finished work for 2013. Paid work, anyway, unless some late contract comes in. (I do social and economic research and write things for money. This keyboard for hire! Very reasonable rates!)

Up until today I’ve been advising a corporation on how it can keep its essential services going in the event of a natural disaster, terrorist attack, etc. They’ll never read this blog, so I’ll just admit here and now that I’m no expert on any of that stuff. On the other hand, I said I wasn’t and they didn’t care. Well, they’ve got a few weeks to read the first draft. 

"If we go by the book, as Lt Saavik suggests, minutes will seem like hours."

“If we go by the book, as Lt Saavik suggests, minutes will seem like hours.”

I’m going to build something in the garden, and sit under trees, and do some other stuff that I won’t talk about for a while under the Five-Year Rule. Though the Five-Year Rule is like the Prime Directive. It’s applied intermittently when it feels right, and it’s never allowed to get in the way of a good story.

Anyway, I need to think about how to tell the story of the meeting between the bosses of the probation service and the cops. A lot happened there and if I just tell it topic by topic it’ll read like minutes, and minutes will seem like hours. So I’ll have to shape and select a bit. I should be ready tomorrow. 

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