Wicked Wednesdy: Droit de Seigneur 28

Yvain looked again at the man who’d proposed to marry her, and who, in her innocence and ignorance, she’d accepted. Matteo was not a bad man, but he’d been afraid of his sexual self. In the village it was shameful to desire men, and he had approached Yvain for his own safety.

It would have made a miserable life for both of them, but fortunately the castle had taken them both in new directions. Though they were both submissive and they both desired men, their ways would begin to part more and more, she suspected, from this moment.

But they stood nose, toes and palms to the wall, bodies arched out to emphasise their availability to their respective masters. He glanced at her, and she smiled at them. They had a form of submissive solidarity, but she knew  they would get to meet only rarely from this day on.

Matteo’s cock was hard, waiting for his Master. Yvain stared at it. It was more slender, but longer than her Seigneur’s.

Her Seigneur was codfish, and her former husband was ling, she thought, and then laughed. That was silly.

There were steps outside, in the corridor, a small crowd coming nearer. Then the door opened. She heard Gizela say, “Now that is utterly sweet!” Then she heard a loud ringing slap, the sound of her her Seigneur’s hand on Gizela’s bottom for speaking out of turn. 

Gizela had to take a breath, then another, before she said, “Thank you, Master.”

The Seigneur said, “Yvain, little piglet. I take it this tableau vivant is your creation?” 

“My Seigneur, it seemed appropriate.” 

His voice was amused. She did not dare turn, let alone change her position. “You felt you might demand flogging and fucking, I think?” 

“I would not dare make any demand, my Seigneur. But I thought if you were in that mood, then we should be in readiness.”

He laughed again. “Gizela is the minx, here. You, my girl, are expected to be a queen. So I suppose I have to flog you, to remind you of your place. And then … “

“You would then wish to fuck me, my Seigneur?” Yvain tried to keep her voice innocent. 

“Yes, Yvain, all, or possibly most, roads seem to have the same destination. Come here, little piglet. Gizela, take her place.” 

Yvain left the wall and skipped joyously to her Seigneur’s arms. He smacked her and squeezed and held her, and she could feel, as she pressed herself against him, that he was hard for her. He pulled her down onto the bed, himself seated with his naked girl over his knee, and began to spank her.

He used his hand at first, and then his folded belt, setting her squealing, and breathing fast and hard. The leather lashed against her bottom and thighs, never hard, but the lashes coming inexorably so the heat built up and so did her sensitivity, though she knew he was merely playing with her.

After a while she closed her eyes and let herself float over her Seigneur’s knee, slipping into a sexual trance in which she floated, never far from the earliest pull of her orgasm. She imagined she was swimming, her body enveloped in a warm, slightly viscous lake, with a waterfall at one end.

She swam, or floated, near the point at which the water would take her and pull her irresistibly over the falls. But for the moment she floated where she could feel that pull, but but not be seized by it.

Without stopping Yvain’s gentle flogging, her Seigneur suddenly spoke. “I’m sorry Alfredo; I’ve been a poor host. You have your duty to do by Matteo, I believe.”

“Yes, my Seigneur.”

“Perhaps Yvain could witness him being whipped, for using her as a prop to disguise his true desires?”

Alfredo coughed. “With respect, my lord, I would prefer not. I have punished him well for that. The custom, as you know, is that once an offence has been dealt with, it is over. However, I will of course punish him again if you give me that order.”

“No, Alfredo. I was unaware it was dealt with. You’re right, of course. I meant that you don’t need to wait on my pleasure before you take yours.”

“Thank you, my Seigneur. Matteo?”

“Yes, Master?” Matteo stayed in position, now with Gizela beside him in the same exposed position.

“I feel like beating you for my pleasure. You’ve done nothing wrong, but you will find my mood rather … harsh. But come here on your knees. You can pleasure me first, before we begin.”

“Master!” Matteo turned and dropped to his knees, his mouth wide open as no doubt he’d been taught, and his cock bobbing as he scrambled forward.

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  1. At first glance, everyone who is supposed to be quiet is submissive. But Gisella every now and then makes you pay attention to her. I think she wants more.

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