Wicked Wednesday: Nose to the wall

I knew Jennifer thought her spanking was over. She’d heard me say she’d been a good girl during her punishment, and hadn’t processed that I’d said, so far. She was in for a mild surprise. But I patted her prettily red bottom, and said, ““You can roll off, now, little one. Good precious girl. Kneel between my knees.”

Jennifer moaned. Her body was hard to move, and painful. But she lowered her knees to the carpet, and looked up at me. A more experienced girl would probably have directed her attention to my cock at that moment. It was a tent-peg in my trousers, as blatant in my need as she’d been in hers. But Jennifer paid my cock no attention, neither as sexual prize nor threat. Instead she looked at my face and snuffled again, tears still descending down her cheeks.

“I know what you mean, now, sir. When you said I really won’t do it again, once I’ve been punished for it. I really won’t forget now, sir.”

I smiled down at her, and cupped her face fondly. “You’ve been a good, brave girl, so far.”

This time she heard it. “So far?”

“Yes, little Jennifer. You’re at the halfway point. I want this to be a body memory for you.”

“Oh, sir. My body will certainly remember this!” That was a flash of humour. She’d already recovered a little.

“Yes. But my work isn’t done yet, pretty Jennifer. And I’m afraid nor is your lesson.”

“Oh, sir. I really hurt!”

I handed her a handful of tissues. “Blow your nose now, Jennifer. And dry your eyes.” She took the tissues gratefully and honked into them as decorously as she could. “Good girl!” I said when she finished. I took them from her and tossed them into the bin behind my desk.

She looked up at me, waiting to be told what to do. She’d noticed my cock. She hoped, I think, that my next order might involve her doing something about that. I suppose she’d read about fellatio, and heard other girls talk about it. If that had been my order I believe she’d have obeyed with relief, and I’d have come in her mouth in less than a minute. But it was too early to lead her into direct, unambiguous sexual activity.

I said, “Get up now, little one. Go and stand in the corner, nose right in the corner with you. Hands on head!”

“Sir.” She got to her feet, and walked to the corner. She stayed there, red bottom and thighs arched out a little, breasts and nose pressed to the wall.

I let her stay there for ten minutes, while I worked on a proposal for city funding for the swimming pool. Though it was as hard for me to concentrate as, I’m sure, it was hard for Jennifer to stay in place. After fifteen minutes I pushed a button on the desk phone. A minute later Maddie entered the room. Jennifer, to do her credit, know better than to look round when she heard the door open.

“Can you bring me the earlier draft of the swimming pool proposal? I’d put some notes on it.”

Maddie knew why she was in the room. “Of course.” She made a show of noticing Jennifer. “Oh! She’s been very well spanked. I thought Jennifer was a good girl?”

Jennifer made a low, distressed sound in her throat. But she didn’t move. “Well, she’s earning her way back to good-girl status. Aren’t you, Jennifer?”


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