Wicked Wednesday: In the Realm of the Sensei 12

When Seamus got home it was about eleven and he was still drunker than he was comfortable with. Asuka met him at the door, kneeling naked with a cane in her hand, and another on the floor beside her. The one on the floor had a bow, and a card that said, “For School Use”. “That’s so you can give the other one back”, she said. “But this one,” she passed him the cane in her hand, “Is for me. To you to use on me. Here, at home.” He looked at it, dumbfounded: it was thickish bamboo, about the length of his arm.

While he did that Asuka busied herself with his pants and took his soft cock into her mouth. He’d thought he’d be too drunk to achieve an erection, but Asuka was skilled and enthusiastic and, his desire roused, he used the cane vertically on her bottom while she served him.

But when he was confident his erection was going to last, he pulled her up by her hair, turned her, smacked her bottom and drove her in front of him to the bedroom. He pushed her back onto the bed, and crawled up toward her until he had a hand on each thigh, and pushed them wide. He kissed her just above her little furred patch.

When she was wriggling, delighted, he lowered his face and began to pleasure her with his lips and tongue, getting his greedily wet while she closed her hands into fists and her back arched.

Even so, she took a long time to come, letting small pleasure sounds escape while she held her orgasm off. At last Seamus thrust two fingers into her, to stroke upwards at spongy flesh, and focused his tongue, for the first time on her tiny, hard clitoris, and she raised her thighs higher and cried out once, in what he guessed she thought was an unladylike manner, and let her body sink back to the bed while she sighed happily.

Her gift of the cane, the rod for her own back, changed the nature of their relationship, of course. Especially since Asuka was proud of the marks he left and liked to skip though his apartment naked, so she could catch glimpses of herself in the mirror. He liked that a lot, having a naked, pretty, happy girl about the house, and her joy was infectious.

He found that the cane made her sexually more urgent and passionate and he had to acknowledge that wielding it had the same effect on him. And, oddly since she enjoyed her “punishments”, her attention to schoolwork – particularly Maths – did improve.

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