Wicked Wednesday: Exercise for bad girls

When Jenny had completed her squat thrusts, naked in my office, watched by Maddie and by me, I said, “Good girl, Jennifer. You need more exercise, though, don’t you?”

She blushed. “Yes, sir. I do.”

“I’ll have a calisthenics program drawn up for you. I’m sure the coach will supervise you.”

Maddie rolled her eyes. Jerry Manderson, the coach, was notorious for his “helpful” ways with attractive students. I’d restricted his use of corporal punishment to the paddle on clothed buttocks, but he found his opportunities. He wasn’t worried about either justice or consent, let alone enthusiasm. I was going to have to fire him.

Jennifer knew Mr Manderson, and didn’t want to be under his supervision. She said, “Sir, I know that he would be best to create a program. But… could you supervise me? I could do my exercises in your office while you… I mean while you worked. I promise I’d be no bother. Sir. Please?”

I thought about that. It was a powerfully attractive offer, of course. And if I left it to Manderson he would find ways of touching her belly, her bottom and her breasts while he helped her with her exercises. Unwillingness, even revulsion, was not a problem for him.

But an intelligent girl like Jennifer could gather the evidence that allowed me to get rid of him, despite his success in coaching team sports and getting parents on his side. But I couldn’t dump that assignment on her, unless she agreed. Nor could I talk to her about staff problems. Maddie could. But I’d have to discuss it with her before I did anything. 

My silence was making Jennifer worried. Eventually I said, “Yes, for the first couple of weeks. I don’t think you’ll be needing to bring any sports clothes.”

She missed the significance of my last remark, or she didn’t mind performing for me naked. “Thank you, oh thank you, sir!”

“After that we’ll see. My office is not a gym.”

She smiled suddenly. “It seems to be an office that has many different uses, sir.”  

“Indeed. And you’ve reminded me that you still have six strokes coming.” Her face fell. “To remind you not to question orders again. Bend over the desk again, Jennifer. As you were before, bottom arched up, legs apart, arms outstretched.”

“Sir.” Jennifer turned, stepped to the desk, placed her feet well apart, and lowered herself till her belly, breasts and her left cheek rested on the table.

I picked up the slipper. “Maddie, back in position, and take Jennifer’s hands.”

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