Wicked Wednesday: Droit de Seigneur 35

Yvain brought the hairbrush down on Gizela’s Gizela’s perfectly rounded, scarlet bottom. She got a satisfactory BAP! sound when the back of the brush met womanly flesh, and an appealingly pretty jerk of Gizela’s bottom and thighs when the brush landed. Her Seigneur had his cock thrust firmly into Gizela’s mouth, and his hands on her head, controlling her movements.

At that moment it seemed that Gizela had her mouth completely full: she glubbed rather than squealed. Her Seigneur looked at Yvain, smiled and nodded.

She was to resume Gizela’s punishment. Yvain spanked Gizela again, not quite as hard. She was terrified that the girl might bite their master, and of the consequences for both of them if he felt Gizela’s teeth. Gizela jerked under the blow, but she was there to serve their master and she knew it.

Her head bobbed, and she began to suck diligently but very slowly. The Seigneur sighed, pleased. “Good girls, both of you. Gizela, you know that if I feel your teeth, you will both feel the cane.”

Gizela could not answer. But it didn’t matter: she knew, and all three of them knew she knew.

Yvain continued Gizela’s spanking, the girl lying across Yvain’s lap, her head between the Seigneur’s thighs, holding his feet while she sucked his cock. Yvain had thought she was only submissive, but she loved Gizela’s weight across her lap, her obedience, and the pleasure she knew she was giving the woman with the brush. She didn’t beat Gizela as hard as she could. With her first four spanks she’d shown Gizela, and their Seigneur, that she could deliver real pain. But now she wanted things to build more slowly.

She brought down the brush over and over, making the room resound and Gizela’s bottom and thighs wriggle and bob and twist under the impacts of that hard wooden surface. Yvain knew from her own experience that she didn’t need to spank hard for this to hurt. Gizela was already sensitive, and the spanks had a cumulative effect, building up heat and sensation with every measured smack.

The Seigneur rested one hand on the back of Gizela’s head now, keeping her mouth firmly and deeply on his cock, and stroked her shoulders with the other.

“You’re doing well, little slave.” he told her. Or he might have been speaking to Yvain, whose eyes he watched while Gizela pleasured him.

Yvain smiled at him. She said, “She’s very wet, my Seigneur. I’m sure she likes your cock in your mouth, but she’ld explode if you were to fuck her.”

Gizela seemed to nod enthusiastically, though she might simply have been serving. The Seigneur made a pleasured sound, deep in his throat. It might have been a chuckle, or a tribute to Gizela’s skill and enthusiasm. “We might test that, in a while. Yvain, my piglet, beat your slave a little harder, now.” 

Gizela moaned. It didn’t seem to be a protest. The girl was pressing her cunt, hard, against Yvain’s thigh. Yvain made the spanks harder now, and slowed the tempo. Gizela parted her thighs as far as she could. Yvain knew she was trying to tempt her mistress into touching her cunt. Yvain knew that if she did, Gizela would come before her Master. That was not to happen.

Yvain watched her lover, her master, being sucked by their mutual slave. His breathing was harsher now, slow and deep, with a hint of growl. He had both hands on Gizela’s head now, and he simply held the girl down, while he thrust into her. He gasped, then growled louder, like an angry bear. His eyes lost focus as he pumped into Gizela’s mouth.

The moment had come, and so had her Seigneur. Yvain spanked Gizela’s cunt once, hard, with the back of the brush, then inserted the smooth, rounded handle. Gizela’s body arched, and Yvain saw every muscle in her back tauten, and the woman would have screamed if her mouth was not full of her master’s cock and his fluid. She gurgled, her body utterly tight, and then slowly relaxed. 

The Seigneur was looking, again, into Yvain’s eyes. He caressed Gizela’s back while her head bobbed, slower now, licking him clean and swallowing.

At last he said, “That was well done, both of you. And Yvain, yes: you have my permission to use the hairbrush on this girl whenever you feel she deserves it. If you take a mind to beat her purely for your pleasure, you have my permission for that as well.”

“Thank you, my Seigneur. I’m sure I speak for both of us.” Gizela was still licking her master and could not speak, though she seemed to nod.

The Seigneur slapped her face lightly, then. Gizela made an interrogative noise. “Go to the kitchen and fetch us food, Gizela. Do not dress or wipe your mouth. Your mistress and I have things to discuss.”

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