Wicked Wednesday: Droit de Seigneur 25

Yvain lay on her stomach, her Seigneur’s cock slowly shrinking but still present in her anal passage. His head was beside hers and she tried to smile at him, perhaps kiss him. But his eyes were closed and his breathing deep and slow. He had, as she’d heard village women say men sometimes would, fallen asleep. 

She made kissy lips at him, but she wouldn’t disturb him by moving for a real kiss. Fortunately the bed was soft and deep, so although he weighed more than her, and it took most of his weight. She closed her eyes too.

When she woke up he had gone. She said, “Wha’? Where?”

Gizela appeared. “He went out. He said he had something he had to show you. I’m sorry, but I don’t know where he’s gone.” 

Gisela was supposed to address her as ‘mistress’. For the first time in her life, Yvain felt a certain kind of urge. The Seigneur, of course, must feel it always. She said, “Why did you not address me as mistress?”

“I’m sorry, Mistress.” 

“Gizela, I didn’t ask for an apology. I asked for an explanation. Why did you address me without proper respect?” 

Gizela smiled. “I didn’t disrespect you, Mistress.”

Yvain knew her duty, then. And she knew what Gizela had been pushing for. “Still no explanation, Gizela! And then you dare to argue with me?” She saw the cane lying on the bed beside her pillow. She indicated it without touching it. “Fortunately for you, my Seigneur has forbidden me the use of implements on you. Or the whole castle would hear your pleadings. But you, little slavegirl, get over my knee. Now!”

Yvain sat up then, to allow Gizela to place herself over her lap. Yvain rested her hand on the small of Gizela’s back, and saved down at Gizela’s offered, vulnerable bottom and thighs. Gizela was still red, the stripes still visible, from the last flogging she’d had at Karl’s hands.

Yvain felt no pity. She knew the comfort of that feeling from the warmth in her own bottom, where the Seigneur had caned her late last night, before taking her anally. She said, knowing what the answer would be, “Are you sorry, little slavegirl? Gizela?”

“I never disrespected you! So how can I be sorry?” 

Yvain smiled. She would never play that game with her Seigneur, but she recognised it. She said, “See that hourglass, on the drawers beside the bed?”

“Yes.” Still no ‘mistress’! Yvain recognised now how provoking these games of defiance could be. She felt certainty in herself that the punishment she was about to administer was just. And she would enjoy giving it. That Gizela would enjoy it as well was a mere detail. “Turn the hourglass over.”

Gizela said, “Yes,” in the most sullen voice she could produce, and obeyed. The sand began to run. Yvain, for the first time in her life, brought down her hand on another girl’s buttocks, intending to give hurt and, though they would not openly acknowledge it, pleasure.

Gizela said “Ow!”, not with complete sincerity, while the clap of that first spank still rang in the room. Yvain pressed harder on the small of Gizela’s back, and continued the spanking, her hand targeting Gizela’s bottom and thighs, sometimes moving, sometimes aiming a series of hard spanks, most unfairly, onto the same spot. Gizela wriggled and kicked and squealed, though she made sure she didn’t fall off her mistress’s thighs. 

Yvain said, “Who do you belong to?” Then she resumed the spanking, harder than before.

“The Seigneur!” 

“And who else?” 

“I used to belong to Karl!”

“Heavens, girl, I wish I was allowed to cane you!” Gizela was suddenly still. Yvain stroked her fingers along the slavegirl’s cunt. She was, of course, gloriously wet.

“I will beg the Seigneur to give you permission, mistress.”

Yvain smiled. She knew that she and her slavegirl had embarked on sex together, and that if the Seigneur was out for much longer she would find a better use for Gizela’s tongue. She resumed the spanking, now using all of her strength, holding nothing back. Gizela’s moan, for the first time, felt real.

The punishment had finally begun. Yvain said, “Do you think you can come, just from my punishing you?”

“If you let me press my cunt hard against your thigh, mistress. I didn’t dare.”

Yvain shrugged impatiently. “You may.”

It was like a soft wet flower was kissing her right thigh. She resumed the spanking, still as hard as she could. Gizela’s buttocks and thighs were now a bright crimson, against which Karl’s marks were still visible as darker lines.

The hourglass was running down. Yvain removed her hand from Gizela’s back, still spanking with all her might, and slipped two fingers of that hand inside Gizela’s cunt. The slavegirl screamed, laughed and sobbed, suddenly bucking hard against Yvain’s thigh, toes tight clenched. 

Then there was peace. Mistress and maid, softly breathing together. At last Gizela said, “Turn that hourglass again, Gizela.”

But she had barely resumed the spanking, setting Gizela crying and wailing again, when the door opened. It was the Seigneur. He gazed down on her, surprised and it seemed pleased. She felt rather than saw that there were people behind him.

Yvain said, “My Seigneur. I’m dealing with disrespect.” She smacked Gizela again, while he watched.d.


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