Wicked Wednesday: Droit de Seigneur 23

Yvain watched as Gizela reached back to take her Seigneur’s cock and hold it positioned against her little hole. Yvain thought it seemed impossible for her Seigneur’s cock to enter so small and tight a place. Gizela looked over at her mistress. “You hold his cock and guide it in. It’s more comfortable that way. And no matter how much you relax, there’s always some resistance, until the head of his cock’s inside. And with all the lube, you can have it going skating off, which you don’t want.” Then she looked down at her pillow. “Ready, master,” she announced. 

Yvain watched as the Seigneur pushed forward. He seemed to be trying to be gentle. After a brief pause while Gizela held him and held her breath, he suddenly moved forward and Gizela was impaled, the glans of her master’s cock in her bottom. The shaft was still outside, connecting their bodies. Gizela squealed and let go of the Seigneur’s cock, since her hand was no longer needed.

She nowused her hands to hold her buttocks spread for him. She said to Gizela, her voice muffled by pillow, “Even the first time, it won’t hurt nearly as much as you fear. Some girls learn to like it, over time, but I don’t think that’ll be you. I think you’ll be like me, and experience it as deeply hot, right from the start.”

Yvain said to her servant, “It does look very … intimate.”

Gizela turned her head and smiled, while the Seigneur pushed slowly forward, taking her deeper, and, Yvain was sure, feeling every inch or fraction of an inch that he gained. Gizela’s was high-pitched now, and sounded out of breath. “It’s – UH! – very personal and very sexy. But mistress, you have to remember that you’re there to serve his pleasure, so you keep yourself open and relaxed until he’s all the way in.”

The Seigneur smacked Gizela’s flanks, fondly, and pushed until their bodies were pressed tight together. Gizela said, “Once you start to fuck, the master likes you to squeeze his cock with your muscles, holding him tight when he withdraws a little, and then relaxing so there’s no resistance when he presses forward. So you have to stay focussed on his movements. Understand, mistress?”

Yvain, with some sense of being daring, put her hand on her Seigneur’s buttocks, feeling his muscles stretch when he withdrew, and tighten when he pushed forward. He murmured, “Good girl,” as he continued to fuck Gizela. Yvain wondered which of them he meant. Prtobably both of them, she decided.

Minutes passed, and Yvain watched her Seigneur fucking her maid. His face was almost a mask, intent on actions and sensations. At last Gizela whispered, “Permission to come, Master? May I come, please?”

The Seigneur smacked Gizela’s flank harder. He slowed down. “No, Gizela. Of course you can’t, and you know it. Who comes first?”

“You do, master, unless you wish it otherwqise.”

“Well yes. But out of the two of you, who gets to come first?”


“I think I’ll ask your mistress to remind you of that, in a while. We’ll see how hard her hand is. Now.” He withdrew from Gizela entirely, causing her to moan, briefly, with frustration. His face seemed to soften when he looked at Yvain. “So. I hope you paid attention to your maid’s lessons. And you’re ready to apply them.”

“I will do my best, my Seigneur. My utmost.”

He smiled. “Of course you will. Now, Yvain, tell your maid to get up and get back to work. She needs to bring us a warm, soapy cloth.”

Yvain passed on those instructions, and Gizela disappeared obediently into the antechamber that held washing water and the jakes. Yvain said, “Shall I put myself in position, my Seigneur?”

“Not quite yet.” Gizela emerged with the cloth. The Seigneur said, “Yvain, what order do you give your maid now?”

“Gizela, wash your master’s cock. And then re-apply the lube.And do it properly if you don’t want to feel my hand.”

The Seigneur laughed, and applauded, with perhaps a trace of irony. “Excellent! You’re always a clever girl, Yvain! Now, what should you do next?”

Yvain looked at her Seigneur. She remembered what Gizela had told her, that she would be taken this way after she’d been punished, when that was necessary. And, she knew, she had twelve strokes of the cane coming. She said, “Gizela!”

“Yes, mistress?”

“Fetch the cane and give it to your master!” Then she looked down at the Seigneur’s feet, she hoped looking suitably demure and submissive. She said, “My Seigneur, and then I bend over the bed. For whatever you choose to do with me?”

The Seigneur stepped forward, and took her in his arms. He kissed her, his hands holding her slim buttocks, his cock pushing, hard and slippery against her belly.

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