Wicked Wednesday: Droit de Seigneur 19

Yvain looked over at Gizela. She had paused, just inside the room, waiting for an instruction from the Seigneur. She was naked, like Yvain, and Yvain realised for the first time that the mayor’s wife was smaller than her. In the village Gisela dressed in clothes that emphasised her power and wealth, by village standards.

But naked she was what Yvain had heard men call a pocket Venus, barely five feet tall, but with adorable and impressive breasts, and wide hips, tapering down to slightly plump thighs. Yvain was sure men would love to be held between those thighs. She wondered for a second if she would.

When moments had passed and the Seigneur had given no instruction, she smiled and put her hands on her head, and shuffled her feet apart. The stance made her seem a cross between a military man standing at ease and a naughty child about to be punished.

The Seigneur said, “About time, little slut. How have you been told to stand when you enter my presence?”

“Like this, my Seigneur.” It was only his title, but Yvain felt faintly jealous of Gizela for using it. The Seigneur was hers

“Then you were not obedient, Gizela, when you entered. Why do you think you are here?” 

“I believe you want me to teach your serf girl how to be buggered with only bearable hurt. And how best to give her master pleasure while his cock is in her.”

“Do you like being fucked in your arse, little serf? Direct your answer to Yvain here. And call her Mistress Yvain.”

Gizela swallowed. Those last words carried a very strong message. It was not, Yvain felt, entirely welcome information. Gizelas looked at her, hands still on her head. “Mistress Yvain, it was hard the first time. The Seigneur took that virginity, and he had to leather me to help me to keep still for him. But I like being leathered as much as you do, I believe.”

Yvain forgot her moment of jealousy, and smiled at her, nodding. That was, perhaps their mutual secret. “But the being fucked, having his cock riding me in that place. It felt painful that first time, but also so intimate. I felt very surrendered, very possessed, and very known. Once you get used to it, it’s intensely, um, good. I surprised our master by how quickly I came. The very first time. Now, Mistress Yvain, it’s one of my very favourite things. Though sometimes I make sure I have to be leathered a little, first.”

The Seigneur laughed. “And was that why you failed to stand as instructed, when you crossed my door?” 

“I wasn’t thinking, master. I would never dare to try to manipulate you.” That, Yvain was certain, was a lie, and all three in that room knew it. “But I was forgetful, master, and I do deserve the strap. Shall I fetch it?”

“Come here, little tease. I think you’ll find my hand quite hard enough.”

Gizela smiled, and almost skipped to the bed.

The Seigneur pushed himself up the bed.to sit with his back resting against the wall, his legs straight out in front of him. Gisela said, “Please excuse me, my Mistress Yvain.” And she crawled past Yvain, and placed herself across the Seigneur’s knees. 

Yvain put her hand on Gizela’s ankles. She hoped Gizela would understand the touch was supportive. The Seigneur looked over Gizela’s body to catch Yvain’s eye. “Pay attention, little piglet.”


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