Wicked Wednesday: Droit de Seigneur 18

The Seigneur looked at Yvain. She’d just asked what would happen to her, if it turned out that were not married to Matteo. He grinned. “Of course, that depends, at least to some extent, on what you want to happen to you.”

“How so, my Seigneur?”

“Well, you know you’re due twelve strokes of the cane, for whimpering during the last dose when you were told to remain silent.”

“Yes. I haven’t forgotten.”

“I’m sure they’ve been on your mind. Mine too. Do you want twelve more strokes of the cane?”

“I don’t know. I only know that it shouldn’t be my choice.”

He nodded. “That’s it. You want not to have the choice. You’ve spent your life, till now, untouched. I think you prefer being touched, don’t you? Knowing someone is there, interested by you, desiring you.”

“I want that touch to be hard. I think I have a kind of hunger to feel things. Yes, my Seigneur.”

“What did you just say yes to?”

Yvain smiled. She realised she didn’t know. “I think I just said yes to everything. Whatever you want.”

“Good little piglet.” He hugged her, smiling. “Therefore you are not going back to the village, or to Matteo, You will stay and serve me. That is not something you have a choice over. But purely out of curiosity, and you should know it will have no effect on my decision, would you like to stay?”

Yvain felt that he cared for her answer more than he admitted, and that she should probably keep him in suspense. But she said, “If I stay you’ll fuck me.” It was the first time she’d ever spoken the word. “At least, fuck me where you, er, haven’t already. So yes, I would like to stay, my Seigneur.”

The Seigneur reached for her. In a few minutes she was screaming, not from pain but because he had his head between her thighs, and he was really very skilled. When she’d come he pulled her over his knee and spanked her, as if she were a naughty child. She knew it was not punishment. It was a caress, and she wished he would stroke her cunt.

Then, her skin blazing and her cunt letting her know she was very ready to be fucked, he allowed her to take his cock in her mouth, and show him that she could stay with him when he got excited and began to ram against her lips, fucking her mouth and throat without holding back. 

At what she thought would be the moment he erupted into her, there was a knock on the door. The Seigneur reached down to press Yvain’s head down, so his cock was deep in her. He shouted, “Come in!” 

The door opened, and the visitor watched as Yvain, reddened rump waggling in the air, gagged and gurgled and swallowed her Seigneur’s come, then stayed on him to take and swallow any drops she had missed or were still being released. 

The woman said, “My Seigneur. You ordered me to report to you.” 

It was Gizela, the wife of the Mayor.



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