The tawse’s tale #4

This is part of the excellent, steamy, funny and insightful novel “The Tale of the Tawse”

Because that novel’s about to be published, the early drafts have to come off the net. Publishers don’t like competition from free providers.

Once it’s published, the address for buying this will be uploaded here.


3 thoughts on “The tawse’s tale #4

  1. I love these stories although cant help being envious of all these women. I wonder whether men who are involved in bdsm and identify as dominants are all as aware of the woman as well as the submissive’s feelings, desires and wants.

    It seems to me that, in the Tale of the Tawse, you are taking a risk while pleasuring yourself at the same time. It will be interesting to see the development, as you always seem to manage to induce twists in your tails… 🙂

  2. @ Scrumptious:
    I’m glad you think she’s lucky, and thanks for reading.
    @ bellbird,
    you’re right that I was taking a risk, and that I’ve got a conflict of interest. Yes, I genuinely did see the tawse as being something that would benefit Gemma, and – by the most extraordinary coincidence – that just happened to allow me indulge my own desire to deliver my first tawsing.

    But all sexual dominance involves some of that tension. If I punish a submissive woman, for example, I’ll try to be fair, and to do it caringly, carefully and justly. At the same time, I will be enjoying every second of her surrender, contrition, and, I’m afraid, her marked body, her involuntary movements and her pain.

    So we (doms, that is) have to keep an eye on that balance, between our occasionally rather dark pleasures and doing what’s right for the submissive. As for what happened in Gemma’s case, you’ll just have to keep reading, won’t you?
    (And thanks for reading, and responding.)

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