The tawse’s tale #3

This is part of the excellent, steamy, funny and insightful novel “The Tale of the Tawse”

Because that novel’s about to be published, the early drafts have to come off the net. Publishers don’t like competition from free providers.

Once it’s published, the address for buying this will be uploaded here.

3 thoughts on “The tawse’s tale #3

  1. but seriously? That tickler thing looks like an amoeba gone wrong or an alien penis…
    and do they still have corporal punishment in Scotland? Come to that, where is it still allowed in schools and how does that translate into a fetish later or lead to bdsm?


  2. It is indeed a good wall. It’s a bit high for bending over at that point, but there are chunks of wall further along at a convenient height. A submissive, properly presented over those bits of the wall, where it’s less than a metre high, wouldn’t have to worry about anything except getting perved at by Scots sheep. And the occasional rambler.

    Scotland didn’t get around to abolishing corporal punishment in schools until 2000, which is amazingly late. My sex shop friend had no right at all to be snooty about the English, who’d abolished it in the 1980s.

    I’m strongly against adults hitting children for all kinds of reasons, though disgust at big people hurting scared little people is an emotional driver. But I don’t think the connection with bdsm is all that clear-cut.

    School corporal punishment provided a cover for bdsm – that is, a significant number of the teachers who were known for being ready to reach for the cane probably were sexually enjoying it, even if they didn’t acknowledge that even to themselves, and a significant number of people who are involved in bdsm probably first became aware of those desires through school bdsm, and school scenarios. But I think the desires would be there anyway. Luckily.

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