The elegance of whipped cream

This blog, and this blogger, have pretty much turned into the Gretel fan club. If it’s not about Gretel, her cleverness, wit, ethical base and, oh, also hotness, I don’t currently want to write it or think about it. 

The photo below was taken before we went out for dinner last night. So it’s just a playful belt spanking you can see glowing so very prettily there. Nothing brutal. Add very stylish knickers, skin the colour of cream, at least in the unwhipped areas, and you have a really elegant image.

She wore a “spank me and fuck me” little kilt to the restaurant, with fishnets, and attracted a bit of attention. The proprietor even came out and did all the things that gauchos do instead of kissing a lady’s hand, when they want to show off to a hot girl.

So I had that thing men get when they’re squiring the hottest girl in the room around. Not mature, I guess, but fun.     

Anyway, here’s Gretel being elegant.

gretel elegant

2 thoughts on “The elegance of whipped cream

    • First, her ethical base Does No Harm. (And doesn’t advertise.)
      Second, it twitches appealingly when she walks.
      Third, it’s well founded and well rounded.
      Fourth, er, um, there’s a serious answer, but probably not really suitable for here.
      Cheers to you!

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