Gretel in flight

I saw the beautiful and ethically based Gretel to the airport today. Me, I’m not beautiful, and I’m ethically base. Anyway, she’s now in the air over Antarctica, and I’m home, which is now Gretel-less.

I’ll be writing more often soon, about Gretel, and then getting back to the Raylene story.

For now, please indulge me in my current obsession for images of Leda and Zeus, the swan.

leda swan

4 thoughts on “Gretel in flight

  1. I have no complaints whatsoever. Either you’re ethical or our perversions dovetail. I’m calling it a win regardless ?

  2. I’m sure it’s both. Except for the bit about me being ethically basic.

    BTW I understand the welts have become mere memories. Hope to fix that, in – let’s say – a castle in Italy. (No, seriously, I know some people who have one, and it may be free at a time I won’t mention here.) I have in mind an Excess of Medieval, as George W Bush used to say.

    • Yes, the welts are gone. But on closer inspection, I found what appears to be two or three tiny bruises from the tips of the birch. You monster.

      • I loved putting those tiny bruises there. And the sound you made while I birched you. And … some other things that followed from that.

        So you’re quite right. I am a monster.

        Perhaps I should join a twelve-step program. They fix everything.

        My 12 steps are: 1. The birch. 2. The razor strop. 3. An ancient strap, from Ethiopia. – Interlude – 4. The riding crop. 5. The wooden paddle. 6. The wooden spoon. – Interlude, while you cry. – The interlude seems to have finished the program. It only ends in more tears. (When I’m lucky, and diligent.)

        The remaining six steps may just have to wait. I know what they are, but a little anticip …

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