Sinful Sunday: You’re in disgrace

I don’t know if there are Doms/Dommes who mean it when they say, “You’re in disgrace”. But I know this Dom never has.

Generally speaking it’s something I say after punishment, when I want to decorate my wall with her standing naked, spanked and on display for a while. “Now face that wall, and don’t move or speak until I say you can!” I say, adding, “You’re in disgrace!”  

No, she’s not in disgrace. She’s taken her punishment, and been properly repentant and obedient throughout, and I think she’s utterly wonderful. But telling her she’s in disgrace seems more dramatic than saying she looks hot and I just want to gaze at her for a while.

And, though I’ve never asked, my impression is that many/most submissive women like to hear they’re in disgrace, so long as it’s certain their Dom/Domme is going to do something about that. 

5 thoughts on “Sinful Sunday: You’re in disgrace

  1. Oh I don’t know…. I think someone telling me to stand there because I looked hot and they wanted to look at me… that would be actually really hot, that objectification I guess


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