Sinful Sunday: Without a word


As the first pain reached into her body she sobbed, not with the hurt but with relief. Her long, longing wait was over. 

He said nothing. He hadn’t spoken yet. But there had been two canes resting beside her right flank. Now there was only one.

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29 thoughts on “Sinful Sunday: Without a word

    • Thank you!
      I think this story may end here, because the waiting is over. And though the action, once it started, was hot too, it’s a different story.

    • Awwww…. Thank you very much!

      I’m afraid the one stripe didn’t stay lonely for long. Though the caning was only a scenesetter, as well.

      The sex was the thing.

    • Thank you very much!

      It was hard keeping the words down, for a logorrheac bastard like me. I’m just not much of a minimalist, really.

    • Thank you!

      It speaks of desire. And it tells that it’s soon going to be joined by many many others, just like it. (You let one cane stripe in, and suddenly …)

    • Thank you!

      That was most definitely the train of thought I was trying to give my Arethusa, in the moment, and I tried to capture some of that with the photo.

    • Thank you!
      It’s a border, really, signalling the end of one time period (waiting) and the beginning of the next (sensory overload).

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