Sinful Sunday: Time out

Arethusa, well spanked. Waiting for Part 2 of her punishment. Holding the implement that’s going to deliver that second, more painful, part. Wearing socks anda  top because we were in the mountains, in autumn. But I love those pink socks. In fact I love all the pink in this pic. 

One of my rules was that misbehaviour that harmed herself or her interests automatically meant the cane. So when she failed to attend a doctor’s appointment because she was nervous about what she might learn, she knew she’d also sorted out how she was going to be spending her evening.

But as I’ve mentioned before, a caning was always followed by consolation. At the time I was seriously over-estimating the cane’s effectiveness as a deterrent. 

But we got her another appointment in ten days. This time I drove her, and waited.  


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