Sinful Sunday: The Valley of Earthly Delights

No uncanny valley. The cunny valley, the sweetest and most beautiful place we humans know. All the myths, paradise, the Hesperides garden, Eden, the Bowre of Blisse: they all spring from this human, female valley.

So elegant to the eye, so pleasurable to the senses. All of them.

10 thoughts on “Sinful Sunday: The Valley of Earthly Delights

    • The blur was essential for the slightly abstract quality I wanted.

      Though at the time I took the shot that ass was moving, and a target.

    • I was hoping that the fun we were having wasn’t going to get in the way of Art. Fortunately, it came out just right.

    • Thank you!

      The lines of her ass, or the lines about paradise?

      Personally, I’m very, um, appreciative of the lines formed by her ass.

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