Sinful Sunday: the castle and the cane

Time slowed almost to a stop. The cane landed, branding its line of pain and fire across her body. She would absorb it. Eons later the cane would land again.

Perhaps time was all submission and fire,. Perhaps this never would end.



Still in the dining room of the castle. The light: wood and leather. And girl. And bamboo. 


17 thoughts on “Sinful Sunday: the castle and the cane

    • I went wandering through the Italian countryside, looking for something like a switch or cane to beat my girl with. This bamboo is a species I haven’t encountered before. It’s quite soft, but also quite heavy.

      It’s very big on thud rather than sting, which isn’t true of the bamboo cane I have at home. Or any other bamboo cane I’ve ever used.

      But it left lovely marks!

  1. I agree. Rattan is the connoisseur’s choice.

    Unfortunately, neither of my rattan canes would fit into my case, and I didn’t feel like wandering round airports and railways stations with a crook-handled cane under my arm. So I left them at home.

    I found the cane locally, after a bit of foraging in the Italian countryside. It was was actually a lovely implement, though I had to throw it away when I left the castle. Again, it wouldn’t make itself invisible for travel purposes.

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