Sinful Sunday: Submission is simple

Still in the dining room, over that enormous table. 

Marked, sore, knowing she is not to get up. That she must wait for whatever is to happen to her to happen. 

She makes no choices, except to endure and obey. Submission can be so simple.



It’s the light. And in this case the framing. Such a lovely place. And a lovely girl.

24 thoughts on “Sinful Sunday: Submission is simple

    • Thank you!

      As for the marks, yes, quite ouchy in the moment of application. Still, a little suffering for art is a powerful thing. (Though it’s not as if I was doing the suffering.)

    • A nice cup of tea and a biscuit (cookie), I believe. You can get really delicious fruit biscuits in Italy!

      But, alas, there may be a way to go before a tea and bikkies stage is reached.

    • In the little bit of text, I imagined that line, “submission can be so simple” as something that the dom might say, or be thinking.

      So there was an element of teasing in the words, though whether that’s the dom teasing the sub (“stay in place while I cane you; that’s all you have to do: simple!”), or the narrator teasing the dom’s thought process was left unclear.

      My own thought is that submission can get into quite simple oases, where and when everything’s going well. But getting to that oasis is not simple at all.

      I do hope you write something about this!

      Thank you for your comment!

    • Thank you!
      I do think she marks beautifully. (And is beautiful with or without stripes.) But stripes are always lovely on her!

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