Sinful Sunday: Stay!

“No, of course I haven’t finished dealing with you. Stay where you are until I call you. And if you let that cane fall?”

“I’ll get double, Master?” 

“At least. And the same again tomorrow. So… don’t. Just stand still and wait.” 

She was learning, the hard way, that I wouldn’t accept her not telling me an assignment is due, and then missing the deadline. She’d do the assignment after punishment, and she’d hand it in, though lateness meant it would only be marked out of 80%.

And she’d be sitting very uncomfortably while she did the work. 

As usual I pretended to do other things, but really I just watched her. The beauty of her submission, and the bright blush of her well-spanked ass. She made my living room beautiful. 

Love had everything to do with it. But love sometimes hurts. 

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