Sinful Sunday: Dungeon dreaming

Taken to a dungeon. Spanked, whipped, fucked. And… fast asleep. 

It’s one of the most satisfying moments for a dom, I think, when your sub is too tired even to get into the bed. Simply crawls some of her body onto the bed and drops deep asleep. It makes me feel powerfully tender, seeing her like that. It’s a different kind of surrender. It makes me happy.

And if she ever dreamt of being in a dungeon, in her cosy home in Antarctica, what is she dreaming of when she’s in a dungeon?

14 thoughts on “Sinful Sunday: Dungeon dreaming

    • Ah, Elliott. You started out so well.

      That’s me in the photo and I can hear you. Sharing your fantasy here when you haven’t been invited to do so is like trying to be a part of my sex life, or Jaime’s. It’s impolite. You may imagine whatever you like, of course, but give some thought to whether the person (or people) generously sharing the image actually want that particular kind of feedback.

  1. You always compliment your photos with such fantastic words! I can totally imagine how wonderful it must be to see your submissive vulnerable, trusting and sleeping off her pleasures. Beautiful image and words!
    Aurora x

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