Sinful Sunday: Comfort and joy

Afterwards is such a good time. For both dom and sub. It’s a time of sweetness, and stillness. If the dom has given the submissive pain, there’s only one thing to do, as they both re-enter consciousness and know where they are in the world, and to each other.

Pain can lead to joy, of course. But so can comfort. 


12 thoughts on “Sinful Sunday: Comfort and joy

  1. Hello i new in sex bdsm and i like bdsm but i not partner master or mister for play bdsm witth me.I want to try bdsm can u play with me?anytime 😘

    • Amri,
      If you’re a real person, then I understand how strong the need can be, to release your submissive side, or your dom side. When you don’t have that release it can make you terribly lonely.

      There are many sites on-line, like fetlife, collarme, and even okcupid, where you can put up an ad hoping to meet a master or a mister.

      But please don’t rush into anything. If you put up an ad saying you want a master, many people will contact you.

      Not all of them will be good people, or safe people, though some will.

      So, please, make contact with other submissive, ask them for advice. And before you meet a dom, or master or “sir”, or give them your address or phone number, talk for a while. Let them prove they really are who they say they are. Talk for a while, before you meet. See if they are prepared to wait and get to know you, before you meet.

      Finally, I’m going to write some more about this on Thursday, in five days’ time. If you follow this blog, there will be more advice on keeping yourself safe while having your needs met.

      Good luck to you! I wish you happiness. It’s out there, it really is!

  2. This is a beautiful image but I have been back over your words many times. These are the moments I think, and it is hard to express it in the way that you have managed to do. Beautiful 🙂

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