Sinful Sunday 283: Two Gretels! No waiting!


That leather implement came from Cambridge University. Yes, that Cambridge, wretched hive of perversion, villainy and scum.

It was sold as a flyswat, though it’s clearly for encouraging Bad Girls (or Boys, according to taste) to behave better. Certainly that’s more or less what the model in this pic said, when she gave it to me. So I could use it on her.

What I like about this pic is largely accidental. That is, I hadn’t really been aiming to get two slightly different Gretels in the one image.

One Gretel lies near the photographer, with the flyswat resting on the small of her back to remind her why her ass and thighs are blushing so prettily. It’s also there so she knows it’s in easy reach for me, if she says or does something inadequately submissive.  

The near Gretel is long and elegant. The further Gretel, in the mirror, is simply a rising swoosh, her bottom round and arched up, and her upper body and yummy thighs descending from that perfectly poised peach.

Two Gretels, one “flyswat” and one me. Heaven!

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24 thoughts on “Sinful Sunday 283: Two Gretels! No waiting!

    • Oh, it’s not too mean. It can be used lightly so it’s not much more than a caress.

      Though on this occasion I had it set on “Sting!”

      And she is a Very Bad Girl. (Well, actually, she couldn’t be bad if she tried. But even angels need to have a blushing bottom from time to time.)

    • Absolutely true. It was probably the dom being naughty while the submissive was angelic and elegant. But either way it worked! Thank you!

  1. Oh MY! That looks a very comfy potion and Impact play one of my most favorite things 😉 Although not to keen on slappy things. But as always it is the mind behind the toy that counts. The lovely red blush shows that perfectly.

    In short the whole composition of this image does it for me .

    • The closest thing I can think of to this implement is the tassel of a riding crop. But this covers a wider area, so you can’t be (or don’t have to be) as surgically accurate as you do with a crop. I think that if you like impact play at all, you’d find you like that leather slapper. It can be delivered quite firmly.

      The composition of the image was partly planned, and partly serendipity. But thank you for enjoying it!

    • I’m always happy to have my Hansful of Gretel. I take a Hans-on approach.
      And thank you for saving it’s lovely photo!
      And xxx to you! JM

    • Yep. It’s the little red glow that could.
      I think the model gets 99% of the credit for this image’s merits. And you’re right, that glow is seriously sexy!
      Thank you!

    • Yes, it was both. But more fun than mean, I think.

      The “flyswat” was a gift from the model, so it seemed only right to give it back, or at least the flappy part, applied to where it would do most good, both sensually and visually. It’s a gift that keeps on …

      Thank you!

  2. I’m not sure what a ‘Gretel’ is here. I’m thinking Gretel is the name of the lovely woman submitting her bottom to be spanked. Or, is it your pet name for the bottom itself? (incidentally, loved the puns Ms Modesty started up) If I were presented with this vision of loveliness, I sure as hell wouldn’t be thinking of spanking (no matter how marvelous that leather ‘flyswatter’ is), some part of me would be buried deep within the near Gretel. Nice photo.

    • Gretel is indeed the name of the lovely woman being spanked.
      I don’t really do pet names for body parts. I call my cock “my cock”, and I never talk to it. The body’s a gestalt, to me, a unity.
      But it’s an interesting idea. Anyway, the best I can come up with for Gretel’s arse would be “peach”. For obvious reasons, plus it’s unimpeachable.
      As for spanking that ass, well, when you have the luxury of time, there’s a season for everything.
      Thank you!

  3. Does this flyswat make my bum look big? 😉 My impression was that the flyswat was less ouchy than the leather paddle. But it’s hard to compare them because I got paddled waaay more than I got swatted.

    Mmm, this was a good day. One of many, but still not enough.

  4. No! It makes your bum look peachy, though: a nice ripe golden colour with a hint of pink. Well, more than a hint.

    I hereby dub thine arse, “peachy”, he announced, giving it a light swat. Not with a sword, like Her Maj. The flat of a scabbard, maybe.

    I nearly bought an old Russian cavalry sword in St Petersburg. It was the multiple sheer inconveniences of toting a sword through various Airport Security and Customs offices, plus the fact that it wouldn’t fit in my suitcase that dissuaded me. So I nearly acquired a scabbard with which I could make good that threat. But the threat, like my scabbard would be were it to exist, is empty.

    No disrespect to your swatter (I’m going to have to come up with a better name for it), but the paddle gave even more memorable results, including state of mind as well as skin colour and warmth. So it got used more. Also, the leather paddle is part of my Travelling Kit. Cuffs, flogger, leather paddle, that time. Same again for next time, in that castle somewhere in Europe, with the addition of cords, a gag and perhaps a butt plug.

    And every day was wonderful, and there were not enough of them. But we got world enough and time, and you’re not a coy mistress.

    • Well, consenting, adult flies, maybe.

      Nah, you’re right. I’m not having Concentrate of Squashed Fly anywhere near a lover of mine.

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