29 thoughts on “Sinful Sundae: The silence of the Cinderella

    • I can’t take credit for the amazing light effect. Putting the image on-screen and then taking a screen shot was her idea. It does look wonderful!
      So, of course, does she.
      Thank you!

    • She’s planning several games to go, before she gets her comeuppance. But she is resigned to losing every single one of them.

    • It is indeed (on both counts).
      The Cinderella story has one more episode, and finishes next Sunday. So many of those possibilities will go unexplored. For now, anyway.

    • It is a great pose, for which the sitter gets all of the credit. Nicely ambiguous.
      It is indeed a beautiful image, though any image with that model, and that model’s technical direction, has all the advantages in the world.

    • Oh, a bad girl, definitely. The world is just lucky that the prince has his own riding-crop, or all Pandemonium would break out.
      Thank you!

  1. There are so many possibilities here! Has she been put in a corner for bad behavior? Is she waiting for something special as a treat? I like Exposing 40’s description of her being coy; the pose of her hands suggests coy contrition to me. Nice shot!

    • No, indeed, she is neither. And posing as Cinderella: no longer innocent, not not shy of her prince. But the game can seem a little hotter if she pretends.
      Thanks for your comment!

    • Thank you! Both as herself and as Cinderella she’s sweet and sexy.

      And you’re nearly right about the colour effect. That’s the image put up on a computer screen and then re-photographed. Technical direction, and other credits, go to the model.

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