Sinful Sundae: O Calcutta!

A woman spanked and then bound represents a culmination. It’s taken a lot of loving work and communication to get us to this point, and to her submission. 

It’s also a commencement. Once we’ve reached here, then things can move between us. Oceanically, but the sky’s the limit.

Oh, and doesn’t she have a cute ass? Or, as we say on Earth, “O! Quel cul t’as!”

Oh Calcutta

Detail from Clovis Trouille’s painting, “O Calcutta! Calcutta!”

Well, some of us on Earth say that, anyway. The artist Clovis Trouille was a notoriously enthusiastic admirer of the comely, womanly ass, and he called his most famous painting, “O Calcutta! Calcutta!”

The title’s a pun on “O! Quel cul t’as”, which means, “Oh, what a [cute] ass you have!”  

Ken Tynan borrowed the painting, and the title, for his sinfully sexy (but nice) 1960s theatrical revue, O Calcutta.

In its original form, O Calcutta included two spanking sketches written by Tynan himself. Ken “Spanker” Tynan was notorious among his woman friends for his keenness on using the flat side of a hairbrush, so it’s not surprising that he wrote two spanking scenes for his show and, as director, accepted and included them. Unfortunately, these two scenes are omitted from modern revivals of O Calcutta.

John Lennon also wrote a scene for the original revue, but now Yoko, as guardian of the Lennon estate, won’t let it be used. But that’s enough about 20th century art and theatre: doesn’t my model have a cute ass?

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26 thoughts on “Sinful Sundae: O Calcutta!

    • My model is (metaphorically) looking over my shoulder at the moment, so she’ll be very pleased you agree about her ass, like all right-thinking people.

      Grove Press published the original script of O Calcutta sometime in the 70s. I was incredibly lucky to find a grubby old copy in a second hand bookstore in Vietnam, of all places. I think the Tynan spanking pieces were good theatre. I’ve been thinking of doing a specific bdsm revue on similar lines. Might be a goal to launch it in 2018.

      Thank you!

    • Yes, I improved upon nature (and Clovis Trouille) by adding a bit of colour to my model’s ass, the old-fashioned, manual way. I mean, how could you not?

      Thank you!

    • Most of my pics are just Happy-Snaps really, but they do record and represent a kind of happiness.

      I wasn’t thinking about O Calcutta (the painting) at all when I took the pic. But When I looked at the photo later, the connection was irresistible. (Except my girl has a better ass.)

      Thank you!

    • Indeed! You have an eye for these things: she has a perfect ass.

      By calling it “cute” I probably under-praised it. But I think my model knows what I mean.

      Thank you!

    • Thank you!
      I didn’t see the original, in my mind, when I took the pic. But once I was out of the situation and looked at the photo itself, there it was! Clovis Trouille lives!

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