Sex in the South Seas 10

Bed suddenly seemed urgent. I waltzed, or fox-trotted, Senemelia to the bed and pulled back the sheet. Senemelia sat down on on the edge, watching me.

I pulled my shirt over my head, not worrying about buttons. Senemelia was still sitting there when I’d finished, so I leaned down and kissed her and then, suddenly and treacherously, pushed her so she rolled onto her back. 

While she was still sprawled, legs in the air, I crawled onto the end of the bed, jeans and underpants round my ankles, and knee-walked towards her, led by my cock. I’d have thought that was a terrifying sight, but she laughed. Merrily. I’m going to have to say merrily, since that’s what it was.

When I was in range I sprawled forward, and put my hands under her ass. Senemelia looked surprised. I dipped my head, and kissed her belly, just above her pubic patch. Then I trailed my tongue downwards.

Senemelia squirmed, trying to get away. “Noooo.”

cunniI supposed that her mother, or some nun or similar from her school, had told her that oral sex is dirty and that God doesn’t like dirty things. Or something on those lines. “Senemelia, this is really fine. Lots of lovers do it. Lots of girls love it. And you look beautiful, and you smell wonderful. It’s something men like to do.”

“I’ve been dancing for hours. I’m not…” Senemelia frowned.

“It’s something I want to do. For me, to please me. You don’t have to do anything you don’t want, but … will you let me?”

It didn’t take her long. Senemelia give me that smile with which she’d tiold me she was so going to going fuck me, and lay back, head on the pillow.

“Ok. Do your worst, kaivelagi.”

So I lowered my head again, determined to make the best case for cunnilingus I possibly could. There was a slightly faecal smell underneath the coconut oil and spices on her skin, but it was warm and human rather than gross. I’d stayed in villages and housing where the washing facilities consisted of a communal cold tap, so being perfectly clean wasn’t always easy. Anyway, she may have been shy about it, but in truth she smelt good.

She was pleased enough to be licked and kissed above her cunt, and her inner thighs, and the sensitive skin beside her cunt, and when I finally let my tongue run down between her labia she gasped. That was good, obviously.

I made a pleased noise at her, and began to do her. After a while she tightened her stomach muscles and clenched her fists, pressing them into the mattress. Slim thighs raised themselves off the bed and pressed against my ears. I sped up.

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