Sea lion penises

I’ve spent some time with one of the maintenance staff from the Chinese research base. I won’t say anything about that person, though they’re interesting.

Anyway, it turns out that the Rollit is selling sea lion penises to some of the bosses on the base. This is evil. It seems that sea lion penis is a prized aphrodisiac among the stupid and powerful, in China and some other Asian countries.

What you want aphrodisiacs for in Antarctica isn’t clear to me, as I’d have thought that sexual frustration would be all the penile pick-me-up you need down here. I suppose that the senior staff want to wake up with erections even though there aren’t many people here you ┬ácan put an erection into. Power and the feeling of power is all.

I don’t think anyone within a few hundred kilometres knows this blog exists. Just the same, there are a few things I shouldn’t write just now.

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