Pool stripes

I once agreed not to cane a woman because she was going swimming the next morning and she didn’t want to show the marks.  

We found other things to do.  But ever since I’ve regretted being such a softie. She said it’d be humiliating and she hated humiliation. “Oh, okay,” I’d said kindly.  Now I think of Brer Rabbit and the briar patch: “oh, please don’t mark me.”

I should never have let that poor girl go to the pool, unstriped. She’d have hated the stripes, all wriggling and blushing, and she’d have come back wet as the pool.If there was a real problem she could have worn a more modest bikini.

Doms don’t always read it right, when a submissive gives them what they probably think is a signal.

Well, I don’t, anyway. 

I’m working. Proper service resumes tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “Pool stripes

  1. She’d have been so relieved when you didn’t cane her. And then terribly disappointed.
    Yes, of course you should have striped her. Nice and low on the underbum.

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