Masturbation Monday: Offering her neck

Chetana reached between Philip and Jayavardhini and took Jayavardhini’s nipples between her thumbs and forefingers.

She exerted pressure then, pulled her nipples and twisted them slightly. Jayavardhini gasped again. “Yes. Yes!” She was surprised by how high and needy her own voice sounded. She spread her thighs wide and lifted them to allow him easy access as his cock inched forward, very slowly, their intimate skin sliding together, infinitely sensitive as his cock delved.

At last he’d filled her, their pelvic bones touching. Jayavardhini was moved by him, and surprised at how moved she felt. She said, “Oh fuck.”

He kissed her, their bodies pressed together as closely as they could. He smiled. “Oh fuck, indeed.” He started his slow withdrawal, moving back as excruciatingly slowly as he’d entered her. When she was worried that he might slip out he pressed forward again. Still slowly. Time had almost stopped.

Chetana pinched Jayavardhini’s nipples hard and she moaned. Philip seemed to take it as a signal to increase the pace slightly, though his cock still moved in her slowly,  unhurried still.

Jayavardhini hifted her feet from the bed, pointing her toes at the ceiling. Chetana kissed her again, then Philip lowered his head and kissed Jayadhini, too, then both of them. He slid his hands under Jayavardhini’s ass and held her firmly to him.

They sped up again, their fucking no longer slow, with more of need in their movements. Jayavardhini turned her head away, offering her neck. He bit her, then kissed. She made a noise of comfort and encouragement, and they sped up again.

Chetana held them both in her arms, as the tidal wave took Jayavardhini. It was so strong, in a way frightening, with so far to fall. She moaned when the pleasure burst, carried her and filled her.

Philip growled into her ear while she made her orgasm noises. But he said, “Good girl. My good girl.” He dropped his head again, his mouth beside her ear, and he encouraged her, still fucking, not stopping, until she came a second time, more quietly a minute later. Philip made a animal noise with Jayavardhini’s second orgasm, and held her in place while he fucked her fast and ruthless, until he came in her, gasping for more air, about a minute later.

They collapsed. Eventually Chetana said, “Darlings…”

“Oh! Sorry.” Philip still held Jayavardhini tight, and he rolled onto his side and off Chetana, who took a deep, relieved breath. Philip completed his roll, finishing on his back with Jayavardhini on him, the two of them still connected, and the three of them embraced.

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