Masturbation Monday: Animal sounds

Teresa paused. Jack had just asked her –told her – to ask him to fuck her ass.She paused. It turned out to be a hard thing to ask for. It made her feel shy. Also, it might hurt. But she felt committed, and more: she wanted this. It wasn’t so much that she wanted his cock in her ass, as that she wanted him in charge.

At last she nodded. “Yes, sir. Would you please fuck my – Ohff!”

Jack had run out of willpower, or won’t-power, it seemed, and with her demand half-stated he’d pushed forward and into her. Teresa opened her mouth, savouring the sensation. He put his hands on her hips, clutching hard to hold her still while he slowly took her.

The last time she’d had a cock in her arse the boy had worked his way in with a series of small advances and even smaller withdrawals, until he was all the way in her.

But Jack relied on the lube, and perhaps her assurance that he could be rougher, and he took her, slowly but in one long, continuous thrust. She felt him firmly taking her, his lubed cock hard and slick against the inside of her anal tube, nosing its way deeper and deeper until the cool of his stomach and thighs pressed tight against her blazing hot skin. She sighed then, satisfied. She was thoroughly filled.

They both breathed out audibly then, tightly joined, and slowly moved together. He reached under her to press his hand hard against her cunt. Eventually, she pushed her arse back at him, and squeezed to hold him tight. He was deliciously hard and just the right amount of painful in her, her spanked skin still blazing heat back at him. She said, “Ah. Ah, fuck.”

She could hear her own desperation. She could already feel her need gathering at the base of her spine. He moved his hands to hold the fronts of her thighs, and sped up a little, chasing for his own orgasm.

Then everything was confusion, as their bodies took control and nothing was slow or careful. They fucked as hard and fast as they could.

Debbie could feel a familiar hunger and need building in herself, while their bodies rutted, each pushing into the other, and they had no more sense of time.

A few minutes or an hour later she felt the wave she was riding break. Her eyes wide, she made her orgasm cry: “Tard! Tard-ah! Tard ah ben kit tol! Ah!”

His own sounds, just a few seconds later, made no more sense. Just a series of low animal growls, bear-like, and then he came, deep in her. She yowled with him as he spurted within her. She felt that, his liquid released in her. She was moved by it. And yes, she decided, she felt fed.

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