Masturbation Monday: an apology for a post, and more on the Library of Depravity

I made the Library of Depravity in what had been a bare concrete space.

The concept for it is late nineteenth century, based around the idea of some colonial administrator who’s served in Africa, Indochine (as it was then), the South Pacific, India, the Caribbean, and also around the Arctic Circle.

So he has all these artefacts from the places he’s been, which happen by an odd coincidence to be places I’ve been, and he comes down to the library to read poetry, politics, philosophy and porn, to punish and reward bad girls, and I think to smoke opium.

The only thing that isn’t 19th Century or earlier in technology is the record player, and at least that’s old and analogue. Because it relies on valves rather than transistors, it should have a chance of surviving as a sound system even if EMPs and other things that would fuck up digital technology are ever deployed. The only keyboard in that library is connected to a portable typewriter.

I’m not going all crazy-survivalist on you. I don’t have guns, or stockpiles of canned soup. I just think the internet is more vulnerable to destruction by government or non-state actors, or to coming under government or corporate control, than people remember to take into account. My books will still be here when my Kindle is fried, or the subversive and sexual texts start to disappear out of it.

As for poweringr that fine and ancient sound system, I was thinking of pretty submissives riding bicycles hooked up to power generators, and whips. And plenty of coffee.

It’s the genuinely environmentally friendly way of providing the needed energy. Fun and future-proofing!


Sorry damn note

I haven’t got the mental focus to write the next episode of my Masturbation Monday story, which involves swings and things and buttons and bows.

I could only manage to write this piece about the Library of Depravity. A few people asked me to. So it was a request and it was easy. 

I wrote about why I’m a bit lacking in energy and focus, here

I took this pic of myself five minutes ago. This is me on Day 7 after surgery. If you compare it with the Day 4 photo, you can see that the hard work of healing is coming along, slow but sure. 

7 thoughts on “Masturbation Monday: an apology for a post, and more on the Library of Depravity

  1. Libraries are hot. Really hot. Books are my people. So, this pretty much does it for me and fulfills the masturbation part of Masturbation Monday. I’m glad you are healing.

    • Thank you! I agree so much about libraries! Luckily, I can’t throw a book away, so I eventually finished up with one of my own.

      And here’s another pic for you!

  2. Your library of depravity sounds a good bookmark in time in case futuristic developments take us to a dark place – and your dark place sounds quite tempting! Save me a seat near the victorian erotica!

  3. I love books. Real books, with pulp and glue. New books, with crisp pages and forewords and indexes. Old books, with hand-tipped illustrations and filigree embossing. Leatherbound, paperback, hardcover… All varieties, all eras, all genres.

    I don’t really ‘do’ fantasy, but I definitely fantasize about having my own library. Yours looks to be a delight!

    I hope you’re able to enjoy some of your down time, during your recovery, among the pages. All the best for a speedy recovery. <3

  4. Wishing you a speedy recovery and meeting you at Eroticon.
    I’ve always loved libraries, spent more time in there then most any other place when I was a kid.
    Love the description of yours, even the way you described the typewriter and the turntable made my mind wander to Steampunk.

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