Masturbation Monday: A seagull’s cry

We were in one of the classic threesome line-ups, with Maires on her knees, ass up, getting fucked by me, with her head down between Stephanie’s thighs, her nose, lips and tongue deep in Stephanie’s centre. Stephanie lay back, slowly writhing, eyes closed.

She’d let go of Maires’s hair, and her fingers were clenched on Maires’s shoulders. There was a little smear of blood on Maires’s right shoulderblade, where Stephanie’s nails had dug into her skin. I doubt that Maires had noticed.

I’d promised Stephanie that she’d still be feeling me while I fucked Maires, and so I smacked Maires on her right thighs. Then again, so I had her attention. “Slow down, Maires. I told you to follow me. You do Stephanie at the speed I’m doing you. Remember?”

“Yes sir. Sorry, sir.” Maires raised her head from Stephanie and looked at me for a second. Beseeching.

She seemed to have forgotten her embarrassment about calling me “sir” in front of Stephanie. But she knew that she’d just been slightly disobedient, and disobedience usually got her caned, and she probably didn’t want me to cane her in front of Stephanie.

Though, dangerously for her, that idea turned me on as soon as I’d had it. So she wanted to show me she was good. She dropped her head again and kissed Stephanie’s cunt gently. She slowed down.

She put three fingers into Stephanie’s cunt, pressing upwards, and began a series of long, slow licks, from the softly creased skin below Stephanie’s cunt, slowly upwards, then around her fingers until she lapped at Stephanie’s clitoris.

Then, as I drew back from Maires, as slowly as I could, she’d lick downwards, and then reverse when I thrust forward and deeper into her. So that was our rhythm. Stephanie spread her thighs wider and lifted her knees a little. She was being a helpful girl, in case Maires needed better access. She put both hands on Maires’s head, holding handfuls of hair, and pulled her in closer. She wasn’t being dommy; just greedy.

I sped up slightly, and Maires picked up her pace, her face pressing into and pleasuring Stephanie’s cunt. She moved her fingers, thoroughly wet from Stephanie’s cunt. to press against her little asshole, and slowly enter.

Stephanie’s head fell back onto the pillow, and she moaned. I liked that sound, and wanted to hear it again, but with my cock entering her little asshole. I wanted to lean forward and kiss her, but I couldn’t just then without withdrawing from Maires.

And I needed to be in Maires just then, and she needed me.

So we picked up speed again. I fucked Maires a little harder and faster, which Maires in turn passed to Stephanie. Stephanie wailed, and that became continuous. She was going to come soon. She raised her head, and we looked at each other.

I said, “Good girl, Stephanie. I want you to come, now. Be a good girl and come, now.” Stephanie grunted, her mouth opened as if she was about to scream, but no sound came. Maires sped up again, not quite on cue from me, but unable to stop herself, her fingers and tongue working as fast as they’d go.

Stephanie stared at me, as if she was in anguish and the most terrible thing in the world was being done to her, and then she closed her eyes tight and wailed again. Her knees lifted while she cried out, a high, lost sound like a seagull’s cry, and she took her hands from Maires’s head and clutched her own breasts, squeezing tight. Then she lay back, arms fallen to her sides, gasping for breath. 

2 thoughts on “Masturbation Monday: A seagull’s cry

  1. I’d love to know what she was thinking and feeling right at that moment when you told her to come. 😉

    And also, I can sympathize with Maires. Wanting to be your good girl and also eager and excited. It’s a hard line to walk sometimes, lol.

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