Humiliation of an ex-Nazi submissive 81: Raylene fetches the cane, I fetch her sister 2

I pushed Bellie’s room door, slowly so she had time to say “go away” and stop doing anything embarrassing. But when it swung open for me, she was still asleep. 

asleepDorabella snored lightly and not unappealingly. On top of the covers. Naked. She’d fallen asleep on her arm, her hand close to touching her cunt. At some stage in the night, possibly in homage to the animal noises Raylene and I were making in the next room, Bellie had masturbated until she could sleep. 

She looked beautiful, of course, but she wouldn’t want me to find her like that. On the other hand, it was my duty to wake her up. Her sheet and two pillows were on the floor. I picked up the sheet and draped it, very carefully, over her. But I wasn’t careful enough. Bellie spun onto her back, hair all over her face and said, “Whuh?”

I shrugged my shoulders by way of apology, and she said, more calmly, “Oh. Oh, good morning… Unh.” She rubbed her face and pushed her hair back out of her eyes. “Oh Christ.” Then she went through a series of micro expressions, similar to those Raylene had demonstrated just a few minutes before. Except that Bellie’s ended with a mischievous grin, with some malice in it, before it broadened into an open-mouthed grin. “You want me to get Lynette. To watch while you cane Raylene.”

“Um. Yeah. You know why.” There was noise from the bathroom. Raylene was taking a shower. I hadn’t given her permission, but it was probably a good idea.

“Yes, but I’m surprised you do.” Bellie looked down at her breasts, or she was just stretching her neck. She looked back up at me. “You figured her out fucking quickly. Or this bit about her, anyway. She’s going to do her best to look sorry. And she’ll be loving it.” She smiled up at me, and moved to one side of the bed, by way of invitation.

So I sat beside her, one foot on the bed and one dutifully on the floor. “Well, you know I wouldn’t do it if I thought she was going to hate it. And, well, she didn’t run up the stairs when you guys turned up. That’s, um, meaningful.”

Bellie sat up straight. The sheet fell away from her breasts. I tried not to look. I’d seen her breasts before. She put her arm around me and smiled, and I did what that gesture demanded and kissed her. Her mouth smelled of almonds. Her body was warm, and smelled of bready womanhood.

hand on breastI cupped her left breast in my hand. So I’d lost all the points I’d given myself for not looking. My fingertips pressed and released her nipple but didn’t pinch.

She didn’t move for a long time, knowing I’d keep stroking her. She said, “Oooooo-wah.” so that was still right. There are things you don’t forget. 

Bellie breathed out at last. “You are going to fuck me, aren’t you?” 

I wanted to ask why it was important to her now, when I’d wanted her years ago and she’d ended it: no more Dorabella for me. But it would be an impolite question, because I could guess most of the answer. So I said, “I’m definitely not going to fuck you tonight.”


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