Humiliation of an ex-Nazi submissive 78: Raylene’s caning – how many witness? 2

ttshirt“Raylene, in the morning I want you to get up. You can put on a tee-shirt. Nothing else, so I’d suggest you choose it carefully. And go to the bamboo clump next door.”

“That’s the church! There’ll be old ladies there. And old men.”

I’d forgotten it was Saturday night. On a Sunday morning there’d be more people about a church than usual.

I stayed unsympathetic. “So you’ll have to be careful, won’t you? Especially if you bend over. Um. Or crouch. Or step over something.”

“Or … move, really.” Raylene was shocked, I think. But it didn’t last. As she always did, she started to think of ways to make it sexy. She watched me like a puppy watching a human about to throw a ball. 

“You’ll cut two pieces of bamboo. Each one a bit longer than your arm. One will be thin and whippy; the other will be thick. Understood?”

raylene smack“Jee-suss.” This time I didn’t deal in warnings. I smacked the undercurve of her bottom, getting a good, ringing pistol-shot sound.

“Yes, Sir!”

I smacked her again, and wondered if I’d imagined the noise from the next room: Bellie turning over in bed? I’d have to keep it down. But I said, “That’s better. Good girl.”

Raylene reached behind her back to stroke my cock. I was enjoying being cruel, as she’d expected. “Am I?” But she looked pleased to be told it.

“You’ll bring them back to the house. If you see Bellie or Lynette in the kitchen you’ll explain that you’re going to be caned for being rude at dinner.”

“I tell her?”

raycaned“Yeah. You don’t get to be rude to people. Not without consequences, from now on, Raylene. If you’re ashamed of getting the cane, well, so you should be.”

“What about Bellie?”

“You weren’t rude to her, were you?”

“Um. I s’pose not.” She frowned. 

“Anyway, you’ll tell whoever you see what they’re going to be used for.”

“All the old men? They’d have heart attacks!”

I smacked her bottom again. Quiet enough for Bellie to sleep through, I hoped. “Whoever you see in the kitchen, not the … parishioners. Or whatever they’re called.”

Raylene realises that I didn't actually mind humiliating her

Raylene begins to realise that I didn’t actually, completely,  mind being put to the trouble of humiliating her.

Raylene held my cock tight and ran her fingers slowly up and down the   shaft. I was sensitive to her every movement, and releasing pre-come.

She said, “God, Jaime, this is so … This is …”

She meant ‘humiliating’, I guessed. But she wasn’t going to say it.

“Then you’ll come up the stairs. I’ll be here. You’ll hand over the cane and ask me to punish you. Then you’ll do as you’re told while I cane you. You’ll not be sitting down for a while. And you’ll have learned not to be rude to guests.”

Raylene nodded, and stroked her fingers along my cock. This was sex, and she’d let herself be picked up in the current and float along. “I really have to say sorry to Lynette? After?”

“Oh, you can apologise at the time. I’ve already told Bellie that she’s invited to come and watch.”

2 thoughts on “Humiliation of an ex-Nazi submissive 78: Raylene’s caning – how many witness? 2

  1. Oh yes I did. (Panto voice.)

    It was last thing last night, when I told Dorabella that Lynette was invited to come and watch. I was pretty sure that Bellie hadn’t passed on that message.

    But the invitation had been made, so I was telling the technical truth. It hadn’t been delivered, which meant that once Raylene had set out of her Quest of Shame, I’d have to go and wake Bellie up and get her to deliver Lynette’s invitation. (Because it wouldn’t work if it came from me.)

    But just then I was more interested in pushing Raylene’s buttons than on being strictly, entirely scrupulously informative. Or scrupulous at all.

    As for why I made that invitation, it was that Bellie had caused a rush of blood to my … head, or somewhere, and I blurted out something sexually grandiloquent. No thought had gone into it.

    But once the invitation was spoken and not retracted, it becomes a thing. It was even started to seem like a good idea, worth following to see where it led. I was not, of course, thinking with my brain.

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