Humiliation of an ex-Nazi submissive 77: Raylene’s caning – how many witnesses?

bed assBut you can’t kiss ironically. My position, leaning over Raylene’s back to kiss her neck, brought my cock back into firm contact with her ass. A man can’t have a discussion like the one Raylene had raised, about a threesome with her and her sister, without his cock getting hard and extremely sensitive to girlskin. Not a man who likes women.

So my cock pressed against her ass, and her ass was firm and still warm from the razor strop. I sighed and pushed harder, just for the sensation of it.

Raylene pushed back at me, and I saw her smile. I’d tried to be blasé about her offer, as though a threesome with her and her sister Dorabella – “Bellie” – was the sort of thing I could take or leave. The condition of my cock gave that away.

I thought some unimportant things. Bellie must have talked about me when she’d asked Raylene to let me interview her about life in a neo-Nazi gang. And Raylene had just told me with absolute confidence that Bellie wanted to fuck me. So they’d discussed some things about me. Maybe they’d already discussed this threesome, though it felt like it was just Raylene’s idea.

cuddleRaylene rolled over and wiggled against my cock, reminding me that there was already one gorgeous girl in bed with me, and it was time she was fucked. She was feeling cheerful. I don’t know why I felt the need to strip away the power she’d just taken, but it seemed necessary for both of us. So I said, “What about Lynette? Do you fancy her?”

“What, for a foursome? I don’t know if she’d want that.”

I put my hand onto her lower buttocks, and smacked very lightly. A warning. “I asked, do you fancy her?”

“Mmm. I don’t know. She’s pretty. But I don’t know her very well.”

“You were very rude to her at dinner.”

Raylene grinned happily. It was hard not to smile with her. But I didn’t. “Well, she’s so easy to wind up. I was just teasing her. A bit.”

“You were rude.” I switched to my dom voice, not loud, but with grit in it. “While you ‘re under my authority. I expected you to behave yourself.”

Raylene looked surprised, then her face cleared. She’d expected the threesome possibility would have kept my mind occupied. But she knew where my topic was leading, or she thought she did. She glanced at the razor strop and then watched my eyes, trying to look solemn.

“Yes, Sir, I was very rude. I’m sorry.” It was a parody of being sorry. But I nodded. And let her wait. She smiled appealingly. “Sir. Are you going to strap me?”

“No.” Raylene looked puzzled. And disappointed. I said, “Rude girls get the cane.”

rude girl canedShe frowned. The cane was a surprise. She’d probably heard things about the cane. I confirmed them. “Because it hurts more, and it’s going to mark you longer. You’ll be able to look at your ass in the mirror and remember not to be a rude little brat.”

Raylene looked down, then, at the sheet below her pillow. She wanted me to think she was sorry. Or perhaps she was.

At least she hadn’t claimed that she wasn’t a brat. If she’d been thinking of it, I didn’t give her time. “So in the morning, Raylene. I’m going to cane you.”

She must have been expecting that, but when it’s clearly said it still has an impact. Her mouth dropped open. “Oh. Oh god.”


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