Humiliation of an ex-Nazi submissive 75: Under new management

Raylene lay underneath me, head turned to watch me. I’d slid partly to her left, so most of my weight was taken by the bed but our bodies were still touching. She was thinking. So was I. I’d been gentle during that last fuck, and she hadn’t come as hard as she had previously. I could allow for her being tired, but it was still useful information.

nipple biteI kissed her right nipple. Raylene watched, still. “Sir?”

“Girl? Raylene?”

“Do you want to bite me?” I bit her nipple, then turned my head so that the nipple was grazed lightly as it moved along my teeth. “Mmm. You should.”

“Bite your nipples more?” 

“Yes. I mean no.” She shook her head. “I meant, you should do whatever you like. You should take what you want. I like it when you do that.” 

clampdownI bit her nipple harder, to make her wince. She liked that, her face said. Why had it taken me so long to work that out?

I had a couple of pairs of clamps, for the nipples of bad and lusty girls, but they were at home. Well, in the meantime I’d bite her more. I said, “I’ve taken you. You belong to me.” 

She looked at me intently. “You own me now.” There was something fierce in her voice. “Like you own a laptop. Or a table. As property.”

I nodded, as if I thought that was only natural, and no large thing. She didn’t want my gentleness, and she wouldn’t want my awe at her gift, nor my gratitude. “Yeah. I do.”

cuntfingerI put my hand on her lower belly, and my fingers in her cunt. Raylene opened her mouth to breathe, but otherwise kept still.

“Whose cunt is this?”

“Yours, sir. It belongs to you.”  

I smiled at her, because her acquiescence was sexy. I could have gone through that catechism with her asshole, that I hadn’t yet fucked, and her mouth, that I had. And then repeating with her breasts, and her belly, her legs and her back, until we’d specified that every part of her body was under new ownership.

But there were aspects of her submission to me that worried me. She’d given it too easily, and she’d set no conditions, done nothing to protect her interests in her last minute before she became property. She had once shown a taste for authoritarian politics. That wasn’t a place I wanted to bring her back to. 

Still, I said, firmly, “Good girl.” Raylene smiled. “My girl.” The smile became toothy. She was happy to be mine. I was happy about that too. “Then we have some things to talk about.”

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