Humiliation of an ex-Nazi submissive 38

Raylene said, “Oh!” Her face was a beautiful crimson, and though this was partly a result of the strained position I’d made her assume, I was certain that she was extremely conscious of herself. And blushing at herself.

We’d stopped on the landing, midway up the stairs to her bedroom. Raylene had bent forward at the waist as I’d ordered her, feet well apart, lunged forward so that her weight rested on her forehead, pressed onto the fifth step from the landing.

No one would place their body in that attitude except at a command; the position meant that she was the sort of girl who obeyed commands, which was something for her to wonder at.

Only an hour ago, back in the kitchen, I’d told her to raise her arms so I could take her jersey off. She’d hesitated, and then decided to go along with me. Provisionally. But time had moved slowly in the hour since that moment of acquiescence, and in those minutes we’d come a long, long way. Raylene was now committed to obedience.

I watched the muscles of Raylene’s stomach and thighs tighten and clench, as she raised her arms to clasp her hands together, fingers intertwined, behind her neck. It was difficult to get her hands into place while she was in that position, which is why she’d said, “oh!”

lungingI considered Raylene’s crimson face. She had a lot to think about, in the moments – I hadn’t decided how long I was going to make her wait – before I started her flogging. This position she was in had no purpose, no possible meaning, except to present her body, her buttocks and cunt an offering to the man who was going to flog her with an ancient razor strop.

She was facing new experiences. She’d mentioned that she’d let some boy spank her before this. But I was sure that that had had none of the intensity we had now. Even before we’d begun.

And after I’d strapped her we’d have our first fuck, her and I, and those first times are always momentous. It’d certainly be the first time she’d be fucked by a man who had just whipped her; I thought she might already be wondering about the ways in which that would be different from other sex.

I expected that our fuck would go well, when we finally got to it. I hoped she had the same confidence.

Raylene made a “fff” sound, getting herself as comfortable as she could with the weight of her upper body resting entirely on her forehead. She was a strong girl. I liked her muscles. 

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